Wandering Wednesday: Myrtle Beach

Well y’all, I’m back from a much-needed vacation. I got the pleasure of spending five days exploring and relaxing on the beautiful South Carolina coast! Last September (on my birthday to be exact) my Dad retired from the Sandusky Fire Department! As his retirement gift he wanted to get our family back to Myrtle Beach where we had vacationed something like 8 years prior. So, that’s exactly what we did! Today, I’m going to share with you some of the fun things to do in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset It’s a beach, so obviously relaxation is key. The really cool thing about M.B. is that it’s on the Pacific Ocean, so there are almost constant waves that are perfect for boogie boarding. And those waves wash up a lot of cool stuff too, like seashells and shark teeth! The amount of shark teeth you can find just walking to the pier is crazy. My dad found 28 teeth in less than a mile walk! Fun fact! Did you know most shark teeth that are found are black because they have been buried in the sand and start to soak up the minerals found there? And most are super old so they are more like fossils than actual teeth!

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If you are tired of chilling and you want some fun stuff to do, you can walk down Ocean Blvd. and you will pass tons of things to do. Whether it’s riding the huge ferris wheel, talking a stroll down the pier, or eating some yummy food, you are sure to have a good time! I suggest getting these delicious smoothies made inside a pineapple! You can find them at Le Cupcake Cafe on N Ocean Blvd. So yummy. 

Putt-Putt is a family tradition at Myrtle Beach! We stopped and played a game at Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf! Very cool place! I mean how often do you get to play putt-putt inside of a skull cave?!

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And if being on the ground is just not thrilling enough we highly recommend taking a trip by helicopter! You’ll see signs all over Myrtle Beach advertising for Helicopter Adventures (although the signs say $20 it’s more like $40) taking you on a tour of M.B. We hopped in a helicopter and got to see some pretty amazing sights! It is a bit pricey, but really, how often are you going to get that kind of an opportunity?

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You should also check out the Fun Plaza Arcade! I only have one word, skeeball. You’re welcome, earth!

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Lastly, Myrtle Beach is a great place to propose! Yes, you read that right! I would not be able to write this post without at least commenting on one of the most exciting moments of our trip! My brother Michael finally proposed to his amazing girlfriend (now fiance, obvi) Paige! I’m so crazy excited for these two and we feel so honored to be a part of that special day!! Love you both!!

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As you can see Myrtle Beach is full of fun things to do, but it’s also the perfect place to relax! I hope one day you get to make the trip!

❤ Abbie

And one more thing…

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Congratulations Dad! We are so proud of your hard work as a fireman all these years!! In a world that finds it hard to thank people like fireman and police officers, we sure do appreciate the sacrifices and the times you put your life on the line for others!! Love you!!

Wandering Wednesday: 30A, Florida

Hello everyone and happy Wandering Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I am so glad it’s November! Time to chill and spend time with family! Also, it’s fall!! Which, as I have mentioned before, is my favorite time of year! Now, I live in Florida and that means I don’t get to see fall. Currently it is 90 degrees and I’m hating every second of it. However, lately my dad has been sending me pictures of fall and all of the beautiful leaves that have changed in Ohio. With every picture I die a little on the inside. So today I am going to give you the opposite of fall and show you the prettiest place in Florida, in hopes that I make you a little envious of our current summer-like conditions. Welcome to Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach, Florida, otherwise known as 30A. These two picture perfect beach towns are nestled in on Scenic Highway 30A. Their better known other half is Seaside, FL. Today we are going to visit some of the best places in Alys and Rosemary Beach, FL!

The very first thing you’re going to want to do is rent a bicycle. It’s $15 a day for a bike, or you can rent weekly. We suggest renting from Peddlers in Rosemary beach. You get a cute bike that comes with an even cuter basket. Rosemary and Alys beach are so close together you can bike between places. Also, the architecture is ahhhmazing  and you’ll want to bike around, but more on that later!

Make sure that while you’re there you get up early and head over to Charlie’s Donut Truck in Alys Beach. They have fun flavors like red velvet cake and sour cream cake, or they have the regulars like glazed and raspberry filled.

Either way, you’ll want to get there early before they are all gone because they are yummy!

Since you’re already in Alys Beach, ride around and look at all the different houses. Just warning you your jaw will be dropped the whole time and you will have an unshakeable feeling that you have left America. Are you ready?!

Oh, did I not mention that it was modeled after Santorini, Greece? Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.

Each house is immaculately white and architecturally unique. It is a goal of ours to rent a house there for a few days. You’re right by the beach and within biking distance of anything you could need. But with houses like these, who would ever want to leave?

I’m just going to flood this page with some of my favorite pictures of Alys.

After you have biked around Alys, you’re probably getting pretty hungry. Bike on over to George’s for lunch! The hamburger is amazing and I got an arugula flatbread that was insanely delicious! You can also eat there for dinner for a romantic getaway! They light it up with string lights and it really is beautiful!

Next, hit the beach for a bit! White sand and crystal blue water are calling your name! Ooohh, do you hear it?! Dolphins are seen on a regular basis and if you look real hard you can even see little crabs scurrying around in the water!

Next, go bike around Rosemary Beach for a bit! They have an adorable little candy shop that serves ice cream called Sugar Shak! Get you a scoop… or two (I won’t tell. You’re on vacation.) and stroll down the streets of Rosemary! Go in the adorable little shops!

For dinner, head over to The Hub on 30A! It is honestly one of the cooler places I have been to eat! They have about 5 different restaurants all set up in one main area. There is a large screen that plays football games and they have a stage where they occasionally hold concerts! It’s a great place to take picky eaters because they have a little bit of everything, but it’s all fantastic.

These are just a few of the many things you can do in Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach. I hope that one day you will venture down and take the trip. It is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!! I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite shots of the wedding we photographed while we were there!

Happy Wandering Wednesday!

❤ Abbie

Wandering Wednesday: Cody Creek

Happy Wandering Wednesday everyone! Today’s post is going to be on super cool Cody Creek in Dobson, North Carolina! This place is a hidden gem! They have a yummy restaurant, a cute general store, an adorable chapel and wedding venue, and cabins you can rent! It’s like it’s own hidden village!

As you’re driving down the road there is a little turn  that leads you down into this place! Once you enter you go through a beautiful covered bridge. The general store is on the right and the chapel is on the left. If you go a little further you will see the restaurant and the wedding venue. As you are exiting you pass near some of the cabins that are backed up into the woods.

The chapel is just beautiful! I can just picture the weddings they have there! For all you people in North Carolina I think I found you a wedding venue!!

The general store is absolutely adorable! They have lots of vintage signs, an old truck, and old gas pumps!

I mean where in the world are you going to find something so set up for the perfect photo-op with the whole family!? How adorable is this??

The inside of the general store has cute vintage items on the walls. They sell candy and fun t-shirts to help commemorate your trip!

The restaurant on the grounds is called The Depot. They serve everything from finger-lickin’-good Baby Back Ribs to the amazing Pepper Jack Chicken. I promise that anything you get there will be absolutely delicious and leave you wanting more! (P.s. Get the peach cobbler. It’s phenomenal)

I don’t know about you but I just love North Carolina. The natural beauty is just incredible. Cody Creek does a fantastic job at showcasing North Carolina’s beauty! If you are in the Dobson/Mt. Airy area anytime you definitely need to check out Cody Creek! Happy Wandering everyone!