Viking Costume Tutorial

Happy Friday, friends! I’m here to bring you the first costume tutorial for this Halloween season! The tv show Vikings  has been an incredibly popular show this year, so I thought it might be fun to make a costume! I recently chopped all of my hair off, making it impossible for me to really do this costume well, because let’s be honest, the coolest part of being a viking woman is the awesome hair! I asked my friend Kate if I could use her (and her plethora of gorgeous hair) as my viking model! She excitedly agreed and we were all set! I’m going to take you through a step-by-step hair tutorial then share what we chose for clothing after!


The first thing I did was section out the top around the crown. This gives plenty of hair from the crown down for braids. You can leave that pinned up for a little bit because we are going to do the top last.


After the top is sectioned, I sectioned the sides into two equal parts (top and bottom). I then braided the top half first so you don’t have any hair falling down while you are trying to braid the bottom. The key to this look is to braid toward the back of your head until you reach where your head starts to turn to the back. Once you get to where your head starts to become the back you can braid down so you have some braids showing with your half up-do.


After you do one side, do the other. You can switch it up and maybe have one braid on one side and two on the other. It’s totally up to you! I did two rows of braids on each side of her head. After the sides are done you can start on the top!


First thing you’ll want to do for the top is to tease all but about a half inch in the very front. I knew I wanted the front to have a pouf, but Kate has a very distinct side part. So I actually sectioned off a little in the front and made a large swooped pouf to give her the height I was wanting. If you don’t have a prominent part, you can just start the top braid.


I decided to do a wide braid (almost a braided mohawk) down the back. Make sure you really tease the middle part. (Call it all sorts of mean names and make it cry!!)  You want a lot of volume for this braid! Once it’s sufficiently teased, start doing a wide braid. I usually do it a little tighter at first, then once it’s braided and in the rubber band I pull it out a little bit to give it the width. If you have little pieces sticking out, you can bobby pin them down.


After that, I just slightly waved the ends with my wand. You don’t want lots of curls, just some loose waves. Once that’s done, you’re viking hair is complete!!


For makeup we just did a very dark smokey eye and some nude lipstick to give her a little color. You don’t want anything really bright, neutrals and dark tones are best for this look!



For clothing, we decided on a dark green peasant top with black pants. You might recognize the fur from my previous Little Red Riding Hood costume. If you don’t know already, you can go to Joann’s or Hobby Lobby and buy some fur pretty inexpensively. If you want more details about lengths to buy and prices you can check out the link to my other costume above.

IMG_7525For accessories we added a woven belt, lace-up boots, and a hatchet! With that, your viking costume is complete!




A huge thanks goes out to Kate for being my model! This costume is actually super easy and inexpensive! I feel like most people will already have something in their closet that will work!


I hope y’all have a fantastic evening and happy October!!

❤ Abbie and Kate