Feelin’ 25… I Guess…

Hi friends! So I recently celebrated my 25th birthday… which feels unreal. For some reason I feel like I am more like 20. Young at heart, I guess. I have some advice if you’re turning 25, just tell everyone you are excited to rent a car for your birthday. They will look at you strangely and ask “why?” To which you reply- “Because I can!” Trust me, it cracks people up. I don’t know why, but the age restriction on car rentals has always stuck with me as some sort of goal. I’m weird, I know.


Today I get to share one of my loveliest birthday gifts from my sweet Momma! I had my eye on this beautiful Piper and Scoot dress for awhile, so my Mom bought it for me! I’ll tell you what, if you haven’t checked out Piper and Scoot you are really missing out! They make some of the most beautiful (and modest!) dresses out there! They have a ton of other really cute clothes too, but I’ve recently been in love with the dresses! This dress is called The Parkland Dress.


Ok, aren’t you just dying!?! I love it so much! They make this dress in beautiful mauve and charcoal colors as well!


I adore all of the embroidered detail! It’s so feminine!


I wore my wedge sandals as a good neutral.


I also wore my wedding earrings that are made out of old buttons.


A huge shout out goes to my Momma for this lovely dress! THANK YOU!!! Another shout out goes to my husband who rocks at photography and never ceases to amaze me at his skill! Love you handsome!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’m looking forward to having a fantastic girls weekend with my Mom!! To say I’m SO EXCITED is an understatement! Goodbye lovelies!


❤ Abbie

Please Respect

Hello lovelies! It’s been a bit since I’ve written. To be honest, I’ve been lacking motivation and time so sometimes these things get pushed to the side. This past weekend I traveled into Atlanta and got to explore around Krog Street tunnel and the market! Both will be on another wandering post, so stay tuned! It was such a nice day outside! Here in Georgia it’s starting to feel a lot like fall and my little heart is ecstatic! The mornings and the evenings have been in the 60s and it warms up during the day. In my last fashion post I talked about how to manage the hot/cold temperatures of the workplace, and for this post I’m taking some of that inspiration!


I was so excited to wear this outfit because it’s really easy, comfortable, and works with several different temperatures! I just got these black jeans from Target for $15! They really are a dream. When it comes to black jeans it’s almost impossible to find any that are truly black, most of the time they are faded. I bought these jeans because the tag said that after washing they would still stay solid black, so I thought I would give them a try. I’m happy to announce that they did stay solid black after washing!! So if you are looking for solid black jeans (that aren’t leggings) check out Target! I rolled these jeans because during the day it was warm, but in the evening when my ankles start to get cold I could just unroll them!


adore this grey striped t-shirt from Aerie! Grey is just the best color, don’t you think?? It goes with everything and it’s just a very flattering color! I tied my chambray shirt around my waist because I knew in the evening my t-shirt just wasn’t going to be warm enough. I have to say that tying shirts around your waist is one thing from the 90s that I’m actually glad came back! It’s easy for girls who get chilly like I do!


I wore a simple statement necklace to dress up my t-shirt. I also wore my favorite red tennis shoes, also from Target. Sometimes when you have a very monochrome outfit adding a pop of color really helps! I love my red tennis shoes for that very purpose!


I had such a fun day walking around the graffiti tunnel of Krog Street! I can’t wait to share it with y’all! Have a super weekend!!

❤ Abbie

Ps- 20 points goes out to whoever figures out why my post is titled this way! 😉

That’s Fall Folks!

These punny titles are becoming harder and harder to come up with! I hope y’all are having a lovely Friday! Today I’ll be sharing one of my favorite fall looks! I had so much fun setting up this mini shoot, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love fall? You get to mix leather and suede, plaid is everywhere and hats are all the rage. It’s literally the best time of year. So let’s enjoy this cozy picnic-inspired Fashion Friday!


First things first, I’m dying over this lipstick. It’s currently my favorite shade I own! It’s called “Verve” by Mac. Their matte lipsticks are amazing! I’m also really into statement necklaces lately. They really can spice up an outfit! Mine was given to me by my wonderful Mother-in-Law! I just love it!!


I was going for a boho-chic look. I love the long vest over a chambray button down. The vest is from Aerie. I’m also loving my burnt orange hat from American Eagle. It seems like the perfect shade for fall!


I wore my new chukka boots to kinda make this look more outdoorsy. With some cute booties you could easily dress this outfit up for a date night. My chukka boots are off Amazon by a company called Sebago. You will definitely be seeing more of these boots!


Here’s my little picnic basket! It broke while I was taking the picture…  wahh waahh.


Jackson got this mug from a Poler pop-up shop while we were in New York on our honeymoon. It’s the perfect little tin cup! Definitely check out their other stuff too, it’s super adorable and perfect for the outdoors! You can find them at http://www.polerstuff.com


seriously loved doing this mini fall shoot. I wish I were able to do shoots like this more often! I hope you enjoyed it and get to go on a little fall adventure of your own!


❤ Abbie

Shaaawl-Right, It’s Fashion Friday!

Feliz Fashion Friday my friends! Last month Jackson and I traveled up to Louisiana to see his sister Julia graduate. Well, on the way home we got to stop for the night in Pensacola. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hit some historical sites the next morning, so stay tuned to see more about this super cool fort and lighthouse we visited! You are going to get to see a sneak preview today because Jackson took some pictures of me for today’s Fashion Friday while we were there! This outfit has quickly become a favorite of mine, so I’m excited to share it with you!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I got this adorable shawl from Aerie! It’s very lightweight and perfect for hot Florida days! I belted it with my favorite bow belt from New York and Company. It’s amazing what a belt can do for an outfit! Nothing like a good belt to give you your shape back!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I paired the shawl back to some medium-wash jeans and some brown sandals! I love the unevenness of the vertical stripe pattern in the shawl. Vertical stripes are almost always more flattering than horizontal. It’s all about elongating and not widening!

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

 You also can’t really tell from these pictures, but I didn’t belt the shawl all the way around. I belted the front and around the inside of the shawl so that the back just hangs straight. It becomes more cape-like. I really enjoy this outfit and I hope it gave you a little inspiration! Thank you to my sweet husband for totally rocking it with the pictures and giving this post the punny title! Have a happy Friday y’all!

❤ Abbie

5 More Pop Culture Costumes with Julia!

Hey everyone, and happy Fashion Friday!! I know I said I was going to post this on the 30th, but I’ve got a million and one things going on this weekend, so I’m posting the rest of these adorable costume ideas from Julia today! Stay tuned next week for the second half of the 2 part series on Little Red Riding Hood! Now, I’m handing it over to Julia with her costume ideas coming straight from your closet!!

1. Jessica “Jess” Day — “New Girl”

     Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! Jess from “New Girl” is adorkable and perfect for a last minute costume. You need a colorful dress and some shoes in a contrasting color. If you don’t have bangs like me, create some faux ones using an online tutorial. Top off the look with some big glasses, and make sure your eyes look BIG!
    Optional: Sing alllllll night long
2. Hermione Granger — Harry Potter
    Harry Potter is ALWAYS relevant. This costume is recognizable and easily assembled. You need a white oxford shirt, black shoes, black or gray skirt, and either a sweater or a sweater vest. Tease your hair all over to make it big and frizzy. If you don’t have a wand lying around your house, venture outside (ugh) and find a stick.
    Optional: Make a Gryffindor pin from red cardstock and a print-out hot glued to a safety pin
    Bonus points if: You wear a red and gold striped tie
3. Violet Baudelaire — The Series of Unfortunate Events
    The Series is coming back in a big way – as a Netflix original series. Beat the onslaught of Violet costumes that are right around 2016’s corner and show that you are one with the times. I LOVE this costume because the only thing you HAVE to have is a bow in your hair. I am wearing a plain gray dress and blue oxford shirt underneath, but any kind of outfit that includes a dress or skirt in muted color is perfection. I am carrying The Unauthorized Biography of Lemony Snicket just to make the costume more recognizable.
    Optional: Find someone to play Olaf or Klaus!
4. Holly Golightly — “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
    Who doesn’t want to be Audrey Hepburn? Don’t lie to yourself. This Holly costume strays from your typical tiara-and-pearls nonsense. You only need one item! A trench coat. Use a lot of hairspray to bump up the front part of your hair and curl two cute pigtails! Retro makeup is a must!
    Optional: A ginger cat named Cat. (My cat is named Audrey. She’s neurotic.)
5. Luke Danes — “Gilmore Girls”
    “Gilmore Girls” is my all time favorite show. I’ve been in love with Luke Danes since I was very, very young. You need a plaid shirt, jeans, and a backwards baseball cap. Carry a coffee cup or coffee pot and shoot everyone looks of disapproval because Halloween candy is VERY bad for you.

    Optional: Luke’s Diner merchandise.

Thanks so much again to Julia for putting together these awesome costumes!! She’s the coolest, am I right?! Hope y’all have an AMAZING Friday!!
❤ Abbie and Julia

Fashion Friday: Fortune Teller Costume!

Hello everyone and happy fashion Friday!!! So today marks our very first costume of the month!! And to be honest, this is a really simple costume made from items that you might have in your closet already! I love costumes like that, don’t you? So let’s get started with hair and makeup!

For your hair you’ll need thermal protectant (so you don’t fry those luscious locks!), hairspray,  and a .5 inch curling iron. For my thermal protectant I used an amazing product called Satinique Dual Defend. It protects against humidity and it’s also a thermal protectant. It smells really good unlike most thermal sprays, it’s all-natural, and it works really well! My husband and I actually sell this product so if you are interested in buying some just email me! (abigalejachym@gmail.com) For hairspray, I used Control Force by Aveda.

Now the curling iron is a .5 inch iron, which is tiny. I call it my afro maker. I had the honor of helping out doing hair for New Orleans fashion week and we got to use these irons! They make super tight curls, and if you tease the curls enough after it makes an afro! Needless to say, after NOLA fashion week I went and bought my own .5 inch curling iron and I absolutely love it! I will tell you it’s kind of difficult to curl the hair in the back of your head with this iron because it’s so tiny and you have to take small pieces of hair, but if you have a friend to help it should be pretty easy!

First spray your hair with your thermal protectant and run a brush through it a few times. It’s important to make sure your hair is covered, but you also don’t want to soak it. I suggest sectioning your hair in 4 sections and doing one squirt of thermal spray per section. After that, section off about an inch or 2 of hair at the back and bottom of your hairline. The general rule for curling hair is to take the  amount of hair that equals to the width of your iron. For example, my iron is .5 inches round, so I will take about .5 inches of a section of hair. You want to make sure that the pieces are small, because that’s what creates the bountiful fluffy curls! I also don’t use the prongs on the iron when curling. I just wrap my hair around the iron like you would wrap your hair around a wand. So start curling at the bottom and work your way up! Don’t forget to spray lightly as you go!

Unfortunately, because the iron is so small it does take longer than it would to normally curl your hair. For me, it took about an hour and a half to curl my entire head. However, I also didn’t have help on the back so that took a bit.

Once your done curling your hair will have bouncy tiny curls! I wanted my hair to look a bit crazy and fluffier, so I took my fingers and ran them through my curls. That loosened it up a bit, but it still wasn’t enough for me. Next, I took my flat brush and just stuck it near the bottom of the curls and lightly brushed upwards. That started to really fluff it up!

Next, we move onto makeup! I put on my normal makeup base (foundation and powder).

Then I put on my eye base, Painterly by Mac. Next I used my Elf eyeshadow case and used dark purple all over my eyes. I also used black in the outer corners and under my eyes! I was going for a smokey eye look.

Next I took my Elf  black liquid eyeliner and made cat eyes.

Then mascara!

For lipstick I was wanting something dark, matte, and different. So I actually used Aveda Eye Definer (which, fun fact, can also be used as lip liner) in a green color called “Juniper.”

Hair and makeup done!

It’s time to put your outfit together! First, I put on a red turtleneck dress I bought from Forever21. I wanted a high collar so I could focus on wearing a lot of jewelry without having a problem with a neckline. Next, I put on a black maxi skirt from Forever21 over my dress.  Then I took an off-white lace scarf from American Eagle and tied it around my waist to make a droopy effect over my hip. Finally I put on a blanket scarf as a shawl. I wanted a really droopy and flowy effect.

I put on an adorable turban that I bought from Francesca’s. If you don’t have a turban, you can always tie a scarf around your head! Now put on a ton of jewelry! Seriously! Pile it on! I have 2 sets of bangle bracelets that I put on! I put 3 over-sized rings on. I put on a long chain necklace and a short statement necklace. Add some big earrings and your fortune teller costume is complete!!

Here’s the final product!

Admittedly I did re-decorate my dining room for these shots, but I am not ashamed! It’s fun to go all out!

Spooky right!?

Here’s a few close-ups of my jewelry choices!

I hope this has been helpful and maybe some fun inspiration for Halloween coming up!!

I see a good Saturday in your future!

❤ Abbie The Fortune Teller