Feelin’ 25… I Guess…

Hi friends! So I recently celebrated my 25th birthday… which feels unreal. For some reason I feel like I am more like 20. Young at heart, I guess. I have some advice if you’re turning 25, just tell everyone you are excited to rent a car for your birthday. They will look at you strangely and ask “why?” To which you reply- “Because I can!” Trust me, it cracks people up. I don’t know why, but the age restriction on car rentals has always stuck with me as some sort of goal. I’m weird, I know.


Today I get to share one of my loveliest birthday gifts from my sweet Momma! I had my eye on this beautiful Piper and Scoot dress for awhile, so my Mom bought it for me! I’ll tell you what, if you haven’t checked out Piper and Scoot you are really missing out! They make some of the most beautiful (and modest!) dresses out there! They have a ton of other really cute clothes too, but I’ve recently been in love with the dresses! This dress is called The Parkland Dress.


Ok, aren’t you just dying!?! I love it so much! They make this dress in beautiful mauve and charcoal colors as well!


I adore all of the embroidered detail! It’s so feminine!


I wore my wedge sandals as a good neutral.


I also wore my wedding earrings that are made out of old buttons.


A huge shout out goes to my Momma for this lovely dress! THANK YOU!!! Another shout out goes to my husband who rocks at photography and never ceases to amaze me at his skill! Love you handsome!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’m looking forward to having a fantastic girls weekend with my Mom!! To say I’m SO EXCITED is an understatement! Goodbye lovelies!


❤ Abbie

Loch Ness, Scotland

Hello friends! I have been having major Scotland withdrawals lately. To be honest, out of our entire trip, Scotland is the place I always miss the most. I miss the breathtaking landscape. I miss the super friendly people. I miss the magical feeling of walking around somewhere so old. Scotland just always stays with you. Today I’m going to share another part of Scotland with you! We were excited to take a tour of the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness with The Hairy Coo touring company! Now, I have to preface this by saying that I don’t normally suggest touring groups because I would much rather explore by myself. I feel that much more ground can be covered if you tour by yourself and you have the chance to stop and see whatever you want because you are making the schedule. However, The Hairy Coo tour was amazing. The tour guide was hilarious, gave excellent historical information, and even stopped at places not on the schedule because he thought it would be a good photo opportunity! I highly suggest taking the Hairy Coo tours if you don’t have a car available! Ok, time to get down to business. Let’s go find Nessie, shall we?


We started our tour of Loch Ness in an adorable little town called Fort Augustus. Imagine the place where little red riding hood lives, and you would have Fort Augustus. The town is full of beautiful old buildings turned touristy shops.



We hopped on a double-decker boat and ventured out into the vast Loch Ness. The views from the water are incredible! The loch is mostly surrounded by mountains. There was something mysteriously beautiful about the foggy day and looking for the notorious Nessie.


The tour guide on board told us the history of Nessie as we floated down the loch.


Did you know that if you are in Loch Ness longer than a minute you will die of hypothermia? The loch is so deep and dark that the sun cannot penetrate very far into the water, keeping the average temperature 42 degrees Fahrenheit year-round!


Many people over many centuries have been said to have spotted the Loch Ness Monster! Nessie is said to be quite large and have a long thin neck that protrudes the dark waters. The bad news is that an animal with such a long neck wouldn’t be able to live in water as cold as Loch Ness. We were pretty bummed to learn that news, but then something crazy happened.


Like really crazy. WE FOUND NESSIE!!!


Ok, so maybe not, but the boat had a little Nessie painted on the window that made for a perfect photo op!


If you look on the sides of the mountains as you boat around you might even see some wild sheep! They, unlike Nessie, are real! The trip was so beautiful and my photos don’t even do it justice.


I hope one day you venture out to find Nessie!

❤ Abbie


Smartphone Photography Tips!

So, does any one else get super bummed out when you have a picture perfect moment, but you don’t have your camera? I definitely do. But thankfully we live in a time when our smartphones can do just as well as our regular cameras if we know how to use them correctly! I have partnered up with a super cool company called Aura Frames to give you some of my smartphone photography tips! I’ve given examples of my own phone photography below to show that it is possible to take fantastic photos on your phone!

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

1. Lighting is everything!

I decided on this one first because I feel it’s the most important! If you are trying to take a photograph of something, but even on the screen it’s blurry, you need more light! To be honest, I am not a huge fan of using flash. Most of the time when you use the flash it’s too harsh on your photo. I suggest natural lighting. Are you indoors? Take your subject close to a window! Now, if it’s crazy sunny, you probably aren’t going to get a good photograph either because now it’s too overexposed! Shaded places are the best places!

Processed with VSCO

Now for night photography, make sure to stand very still and use an image stabilizer (should be under your settings). You also want the subject of your photograph to be well lit, so the camera has something to focus on!

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2. Use the Rule of Thirds.

Now you may be sitting there thinking, how am I supposed to use the rule of thirds if I don’t even know what that is?! Let me fill you in! Imagine your frame has two horizontal and two vertical lines spaced in the frame. The goal is to line up the subject of your portrait with the lines or where the lines meet. See the picture below as a reference!

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3. Get creative!

I can almost guarantee you that something in your immediate area would make an amazing picture. Say it’s your first cup of coffee in the morning, take a picture of it! Is your cat perched by the window? I bet he wants you to take his picture! One of my favorite things to do is look around at the ordinary and try to make it look extraordinary! I promise that if you start noticing the texture of objects or the way the light hits something just right, it will change your outlook on everything! You’ll start to see things and know what will make a good photograph. Train your eye to see things in a different way!

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4. Change your perspective!

Don’t get bummed out if something isn’t turning out the way you thought it would! Change up the shot! Move your phone closer and change the perspective! (This is just a side note: Don’t use the zoom on your phone camera. Get closer to the object! By using the digital zoom your photo will look blurry and pretty pixelated. For a clean photo, get closer!) The picture below was taken by me literally kneeling on the ground and putting my phone about 5 inches away from the flowers. Don’t be afraid to get dirty!

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5. Have fun!

Do you know how many times it takes for me to take a picture and find one I actually like?! It takes a lot of pictures! Thankfully we live in a digital time, so if you don’t like the first 10 pictures you take you can just delete them! Just remember to always have fun! Get creative! Expand your horizons by looking at the texture of objects! Change that perspective! Enjoy looking at the world around you and use every opportunity to explore it!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

I hope that this guide has been helpful! These are just some of the main points of phone photography (and I guess regular photography, too) that I use on a daily basis! Aura Frames has come up with a handy infographic to help you with your smartphone photography!

Aura Frames_Photo Tips

Check out their website to see all of their beautiful digital frames that will help showcase all of your fantastic smartphone photography! And friends, they have also partnered up with Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water, in hopes to build three wells in developing nations! Be sure to check out this fantastic company and get to snapping some pictures! As always, I hope you have a lovely evening!

❤ Abbie

Wanderings: Arthur’s Seat, Scotland

An actual Europe post?!?! WHAT?!?! Look who is being productive!! I thought this would be a great first post on our incredible Europe trip! Hiking Arthur’s Seat was one of my favorite (and most sweaty) parts of our Edinburgh stay! I would say that this should be top priority on everyone’s Edinburgh bucket list!! Also, one of my best friends, Adele, is heading to Edinburgh next week so I thought I would give her yet another thing to look forward to!! So Adele, this one’s for you! Today we will be making the trek up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland!


Now from the bottom this thing looks like a mountain (while hiking it also feels like a mountain) but it is technically considered a hill. It is located next to Holyrood Palace, which is where the Queen stays when she comes to visit Scotland. It’s a beautiful house and you can tour it when she isn’t visiting!


You can start the trek by going left or right to get up to Arthur’s seat. Left is quicker and less of a trek. Right takes you on a bit of a wander around the base and middle of the hill (which is also scenic). Really either way you go you are in for a treat! I suggest left, because we went right first and were a bit confused on how to actually get to the top! (Side Note: If you want to click on any of the photos in the galleries below it should blow them up to normal size for you. It’s just impossible to have all of the full size pictures in one blog post. It would be insanely long! So please click away!)

I probably should have said this sooner, but I definitely suggest wearing hiking boots. The way up and the top tends to be a bit slippery, so you will definitely want some traction. I also suggest not wearing a ton of layers, even if it is 40°F. That hike up there can get a bit sweaty, trust me! I had 4 layers on and was dying.

The views while going up the hill are incredible.


You can see all of Edinburgh laid out beneath you! You can see the hill that Edinburgh castle sits on. You can hear church bells ringing off in the distance. It really is a dream and pictures just do not do it justice.

There are several places to sit once you are near the top. If you are really feeling fancy, try to bring a picnic basket with you and have a picnic! You’ll have the best view in the whole city!


Once at the top I suggest you just take it in. To this day sitting at the top of Arthur’s Seat is one of my fondest memories of our whole trip. Enjoy every moment.


❤ Abbie

P.S. Another huge “thank you” is in order to my husband Jackson for taking some killer shots of me. He really is the best.