Four Jewelry Basics

For most of my life I have worked in clothing retail, which has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. One of the big things it’s taught me is that pretty much every person, whether they are aware of it or not, has a few basic pieces that they wear more often than others. Maybe it’s your favorite grey sweater that goes with everything, or that black wide-brimmed hat. If I asked you now I bet you could name off at least four things that you would consider your basic wardrobe. So why can’t the same be said for your jewelry wardrobe? Today I am going to share my favorite four pieces in my jewelry wardrobe!


The first pieces in my jewelry wardrobe are my gold rings. Besides my wedding set, these  two rings are what I wear the most. The thin band I usually wear on my thumb and the signet ring I wear on my pinkie finger. Sometimes I wear them separately but most of the time I wear them together. I like the simplicity of the look.


The second piece I wear the most often is my stud earrings. I love these 1ct studs from the brand Lafonn with a lassaire stone. A lassaire is a simulated stone that looks like diamond, doesn’t scratch easily, and doesn’t fog over time like a cubic zirconia. These are my go-to because I can dress up any outfit with these!


The third piece in my jewelry wardrobe is this diamond sun and star dangle bracelet. I loved this piece from Shy Creations for so long that I eventually caved and bought it! I never have been much of a bracelet person, but this one lays flat on my wrist so I feel like it’s not even there!


The fourth and final piece in my jewelry wardrobe is my moon pendant. I love the symbolism behind this piece, so it was an instant favorite for me! I wanted to match back to my bracelet, and now I have the sun, moon, and stars. This necklace is also adjustable so I can easily stack it with other pieces or wear it with many different necklines.

IMG_9022 copy-2

I encourage you to seek out your own pieces to make your perfect jewelry wardrobe! If you like these pieces I highly recommend checking out Shy Creations and Lafonn, for affordable and adorable jewelry!




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