Guys. We’ve been back from our trip to Jekyll Island for about a week now and I still cannot get over our beautiful vacation. I am incredibly thankful to have spent about 4 days exploring, relaxing, and creating with friends on the coast of Georgia. I don’t get time off from work very often, and when I do I need to know I am spending it in a meaningful way. This trip was so needed to recharge my creative batteries. It’s amazing how something simple like getting out of town can open your mind to new ideas. I cannot even wait to share some of this trip with you, so I’m starting with one of the coolest experiences we had while on the island.


Jekyll Island is filled with beautiful places, but one of my favorite spots is Driftwood Beach. Large, beautiful pieces of driftwood are scattered along the beach. It is quite honestly one of my favorite locations that I have been to in the United States. Every angle is a different incredible view. We decided that we wanted to get up before dawn and watch the sunrise over Driftwood Beach. We packed up all our gear (hammock, ukulele, hat, cameras, coffee, etc…) and set out on our great adventure.


I love watching the sunrise. I don’t do it often because I value sleep too much, but on occasions like this it’s a definite must-do. I brought my uke along to strum a few tunes, but realized that it has been too long since I have picked it up. I sure do know how to pretend to play my ukelele though!

After the sun rose we started getting hot (Georgia heat is no joke) so we packed everything up and went on our way. I love moments like these where we can be creative and also love the Creator’s work. It’s hard not to look at the beautiful sunrise over one of the most incredible locations in Georgia and not think about how glorious our God is. He created these things so beautifully and so masterfully that I cannot help but praise him. A few years ago I was co-writing a blog with some of my closest friends and the blog motto was “Created to create.” In times like these I look at my life and often wonder if I am using my creative skills to the utmost. Am I praising God in the things I create, or does He get lost along the way? Today I urge you to use the talents that God has given you. Tell His story through your own! I pray that one day you will get to visit this little island and see all of the glory of God’s handiwork.

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