Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Ohio

I’ve been visiting Cleveland with my Dad since I was a kid. We have our favorite things to do which include going to the West Side Market for lunch, visit a few antique/vintage shops, then drive past Franklin Castle. It’s what we love, and we love it well. About a year ago, Dad found out about the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and decided to take me to both for the day. Let me tell you, we had a blast! The Cleveland Museum of Art is undoubtedly one of the most underrated places in Cleveland, and I will cover that in another blog post. Today, we are going to soak up some happiness in the Cleveland Botanical Gardens!

IMG_3067.HEIC copy

The Botanical Gardens are right across the street from the Museum of Art, so you could easily visit both in the same day. While I was visiting, the Botanical Gardens were having an Orchid exhibit. This exhibit featured so many stunning different kinds of orchids, which was a highlight for me. Orchids seem to be the only thing that my black thumb can keep alive!

IMG_3078.HEIC copy

You enter into a large room filled with beautiful trees, plants, and flowers. No matter how cold it may be outside, in here it’s always warm!

IMG_3074.HEIC copy

So many different beautiful types of flora fill the room. One of my personal favorite things was the hanging shelves with pineapple and bananas laid out for the many butterflies to enjoy. You can get up close to the butterflies as they feed and see all of their beautiful colors!

IMG_3088.HEIC copy

There are so many unique types of flowers to enjoy. If you’ve ever wanted to grow a garden, seeing this will make you want to finally do it!

IMG_3068.HEIC copy

As you walk around you may see some birds flying through the air or  run into some friendly ducks waddling across the pathway.


The Cleveland Botanical Gardens are definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

IMG_3103.HEIC copy

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