End of Summer

Well friends, the end of summer is upon us. Most people would be sad at the fading warm days, but I’m getting  psyched  for fall!! Give me all the cold weather, boots, jackets, hats, ah!! So excited! I figured before my favorite time of year comes, I should finish with another summer outfit. This was look was from our lovely beach trip to Jekyll Island, Ga.


So, my new favorite places to shop are Tj Maxx and Marshalls. I’ll tell you what, I have been finding the best deals and pants that actually fit!! I could just squeal with excitement! I got these amazing wide-leg coral linen pants from Marshalls for $25! Please don’t mind the goofy look on my face in the next photo…. sometimes pictures are hard. Hah!


I adore this flowy striped shirt from Target. Half-tucking a blouse can really elevate a look. Since my pants are wide-leg, it looks better to half-tuck the shirt to break up the lines.


I am really starting to play with mixing colors, so this burnt orange (currently my favorite color of EVERYTHING) headband adds a nice pop. It’s fun to play with colors and see what new colors you can add to your wardrobe. If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would love burnt orange, I would have told you that you were crazy. Orange had notoriously been a color I stayed away from, but now I can’t get enough.


Lastly I wore a long gold necklace from this amazing brand called Freida Rothman. She mixes all sorts of metals to create these really gorgeous pieces. I’m currently in love with her Fleur Bloom line, which this piece is from. The line takes influences from flowers (obviously) and leaves. This gold and crystal leaf necklace is one of my favorites of her line!


I hope y’all have had a wonderful summer. I cannot wait to share my fall looks with you soon!


❤ Abbie



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