Cliffs of Moher

I cannot believe it’s been over two years since we went to Europe. In some ways I can believe it because my heart is  aching  on a daily basis to get back, but for the most part I remember it like yesterday. When we planned our trip we had tons of places we wanted to see, but had to figure out a way (by public transportation or tours) to see things that were at a great distance. When booking our Ireland trip, we knew we wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher but they were far away from where we were staying in Cork. So, I started looking at tours. I will be the first to tell you that tours are not my favorite. I would much rather roadtrip it up, but at the time we were not old enough to rent cars (let alone have the desire to drive on the opposite side of the road! Ha!). To my dismay, I decided the only way we would see the cliffs is to take a tour. After much research I decided on Paddywagon Tour Company. We chose the Cliffs of Moher Tour which takes you to the Cliffs of Moher (duh!), the mini cliffs or the Burren, and a castle. Let’s get going!


The morning we left Cork it was quite dreary and a little rainy. We packed into the bus and were on our way. Thankfully there is about an hour and a half drive on the way there so if you wanted to take a nap, you could. We stopped at a gas station along the way for a potty break and some breakfast. No trip to Europe would be complete without a Kinder Egg.


We were nearing the cliffs and it was still dreary… and foggy…. Jackson and I joked for a good bit of the way up there how horrible it would be if we drove the whole way and didn’t even get to see the cliffs! Our bus driver kept assuring us that once we were by the cliffs it would be so windy that it would be sure to blow the fog away.


Boy was he wrong. These are our sad faces to prove it.

Fog. Nothing but fog. It was the most insane thing because you could hear the waves crashing against the cliffs miles below, but you couldn’t see three feet in front of you! We walked further down the paved road until we reached the unpaved muddy part. We kept walking, hoping that maybe it would be clearer further down.

Still nothing. I can absolutely  see how people fall off the cliffs, especially in that weather. Slippery with mud, blind because of fog, and hundreds of feet in the air is not a combination you should play around with!

We stayed by the cliffs for a little while until our driver rallied us and said we could try the mini cliffs. We climbed back into the bus and made our way down to the Burren. The Burren is a neat rocky landscape where you can see the mini cliffs and occasionally the large cliffs. We hopped out of the bus elatedly when we could actually see a little bit further and some really cool landscapes.

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

The mini cliffs were a sight! I cannot even imagine how beautiful and massive the large cliffs were, because the “mini cliffs” were still enormous! Jackson and I had fun climbing out on the rocky edge and looking down into the glorious blue crashing waves below. Below is my favorite photo of Jackson and I from our entire trip!


The green of the fauna up against the clear blue water is simply breath-taking and photos  do not  do it justice. Honestly, we could have stayed here for hours and it still wouldn’t have been enough.

Along the Burren were these beautiful walls made by stone. Who knows how long they’ve been there!

We begrudgingly got back into the bus for the 1.5 hour ride home. We stopped for lunch in this adorable little town called Doolin. We ate a yummy lunch at a Pub. We had just enough time to walk to the bakery next door and get some delicious pastries and apple cider for the road.


Along the way we stopped at our final stop for the day, Bunratty Castle. The 15th-century castle is a neat sight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open for us to go inside, but we got to admire the tall towers from the outside. The gift shop across the street is lovely and they have wonderful warm drinks to warm you up from the cold and rainy day.

Overall, this tour definitely had it’s highs and lows. One day Jackson and I will make it back to Ireland and hopefully see the Cliffs of Moher for real. We will keep the memories of the mini cliffs fondly, as an incredible adventure for both of us! I hope one day you will take the trip, too! But hopefully you will have the luck of the Irish to keep the fog away.

❤ Abbie



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