Summertime & Sundresses

Happy summer, my friends! I cannot believe it’s already June!! Things have been so crazy around here. We have moved into an adorable new apartment and I cannot wait to share it with you eventually. We have also had lots of friends and family come to visit, as well. It’s been a great couple of weeks and I am so excited to finally get some down time to be able to share a little bit with y’all. As you know, we took a trip down to Louisiana to see my brother-in-law graduate, which was so wonderful!! I cannot believe he is going to college already. Makes me feel old! Hah! Well, after the graduation we got to mosey on down to New Orleans for the day! There is just something so exciting about visiting a city you love, especially one as vibrant as New Orleans! Today, I’m going to share with you an outfit from my trip (and one of my favorite outfits ever)! Grab your beignet and cafe au lait, it’s going to be a fun trip down to ‘Nawlins!


So, I am in love with an online boutique called Piper and Scoot. I simply cannot get enough of their dresses!! They are based in Utah and have some Mormon roots, so most of their pieces are modest. It’s my goal to show that just because you dress modestly does not mean you have to be frumpy! I think this dress sums that up perfectly! I adore the longer sleeves and the stripes!! Give me dresses like this ALL DAY, please and thank you!



So, if you are looking for some modest style advice you have come to the right place! If you are interested in another post about Piper and Scoot dresses I have shared a dress from them before and you can see that post here!


I am also loving my clogs. I debated for awhile about getting clogs because I generally don’t do heels. However, these clogs are surprisingly comfortable and your foot is only at a slight incline (rather than the incline of a stiletto). If you are looking for a great shoe that goes with everything, you should check these out! The brand is called Mia and the sandal is called “Abba.” (I find it ironic that it’s called Abba and my name is Abbie…. just saying… *insert eye roll for a ridiculous and over-stretched pun*)


Let’s talk accessories. Kendra Scott is killing it with their metals and designs lately. I love these gold Diane statement earrings!! When I first saw them I wasn’t sure if I liked them because… let’s be honest… they are huge. I don’t know if it’s the short hair or what, but I am really digging them. I paired the earrings back to a tri-tone necklace (from Target) and the look is complete!



To end this post today, I just wanted to give everyone a HUGE shout-out for being so patient between posts and, obviously, for reading! I got a notification that I have been blogging for 3 years, as of yesterday!! It seems like just yesterday that I started, and I honestly would not still be here if it weren’t for your encouragement!! Thanks a bunch, and here’s to (hopefully) many more years of blogging!


❤ Abbie

Ps. I think from now on Jackson should just always take my photos because every-time he does I’m just like… YAASSSSS!!!


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