They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Guys. I am SO excited about this post for so many reasons. Reason number 1? My husband ROCKED the photos. He usually does a fantastic job on the pictures, but this time he really out-did himself. You should absolutely check out his Instagram @jacksonmoon because he is an incredible photographer! I feel very blessed to have someone so talented helping me out, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes too! 😉

See what I mean? Handsome.

Ok, reason number 2 that I’m excited about this post? I feel like I’m really starting to come into my own as a fashion blogger. Maybe it’s the bomb photos, but I’m really feeling this shoot. I’m trying to cultivate a style that will work for modest curvy women, and I hope that these styles that I bring to you can show you that just because you are modestly dressed does not mean that you have to be frumpy! Also, all you short curvy ladies out there, I got you! I’m (on the shorter side of) 5’4 and pretty curvy, so I constantly have issues finding clothes that fit me properly. I share fun outfits because I know the struggle of wanting to stay modest, but also stylish.


Finally, reason number 3? I FINALLY got to check out the roof of Ponce City Market. Let me tell you…. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Y’all, if you live in Atlanta, or even come visit, go to Ponce City Market and make sure to check out Skyline Park. It is, in my opinion, the coolest thing you can do in Atlanta! Blog post on Ponce coming to you soon! Ok, let’s get to this post finally! You are probably already tired of reading!


I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! Piper and Scoot can do me no wrong. My wonderful momma got me this shirt from the ahhhhmmazing online boutique Piper and Scoot. They have really fun pieces!


What I truly love about this shirt is the adorable grey piping on the sleeves and the way the shirt is cut. I am so over tight things. Thankfully we are in a time when loose-fitting shirts and pants are in fashion. I love the cut on this because even though it’s wide, it is really flattering with a pair of skinny jeans.



A nice pair of skinny jeans and a pair of open-toed or pointy-toed shoes is great for elongating your legs!


I also paired this somewhat crop top shirt with a pair of high rise button-front jeans. Something like this is great for giving a very modern and fashionable look, but still remaining modest! I got these jeans from Loft and I absolutely adore them! The petite section is where it’s at!


Let’s talk about jewelry for a minute. I love the idea of adding a nice statement piece to dress up an outfit. In this case, I found these amazing drop earrings at Earthbound Trading Co. I also added a fun statement ring (also from Earthbound) to match the earrings. Now, it might just be because I work at a jewelry store, but I have a whole new appreciation for jewelry. Something so simple can make such a difference to an outfit!



I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it! I really have missed blogging the last few months, so it’s nice to get back into the swing of it. I haven’t said anything about this in awhile, but I post almost daily on my Instagram. If you want more of the fun pictures, but less of me blabbering on, check it out. @abigale.moon


❤ Abbie

Ps. Everyone go follow Jackson’s Instagram this second. Didn’t he rock it?! OMW! K, byyyeeeee. @jacksonmoon


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