Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta, Ga

Coca-cola is something I grew up drinking and I don’t think it’s an understatement to say most people have at least tried it once in their life. It’s a drink that spans the world; but did you know it was created right here in Atlanta? We took a little trip downtown to the Coca-Cola Museum and I’m going to share part of it with you today!


When you first enter the museum you will be handed a Coke of your choice for free! I got a regular Coca-cola and Kate tried their new Coke Life which is a low-calorie version of the original! We had to say, that’s a pretty cool way to start your museum trip!


Next, you are led into a room full of old Coca-Cola marketing and signage! They had signs dating back to the 1900s (which are my favorite), signs from other countries, and some very neat Coca-Cola memorabilia!

You are then led into a theater where you watch a super cool film about Coke bringing the world together!


After the film, you get to choose many different rooms to view! You can go see the process of how Coca-Cola is made. They have examples of the machines used in the factories that make Coke!


You can take a tour of the secret vault where the Coca-Cola recipe is supposedly kept. Once you enter the vault you learn all about the people who tried to steal the Coca-cola recipe throughout the years.


You learn some interesting facts about the creation of Coke itself! Finally, once you have made it through you can see the actual vault where the recipe is held (or so they say).


Really, the best part of the museum comes at the end… the tasting room! You can taste all sorts of Coca-Cola products from all over the world! Some of our favorite drinks were from Mexico and Europe. Don’t worry if you aren’t very adventurous, they have lots of regular Coke and American drinks there as well!


All in all the Coca-Cola Museum is really a fun day trip and quintessentially Atlanta! If you are ever in the area, make the trip! Have a Coke on me!


❤ Abbie

5 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta, Ga

    1. Nice! Well, if you like foodie/hipster places I highly recommend Ponce City Market. It is an awesome marketplace full of cool places to eat and neat shops. It’s in an old Sears and Roebuck building built in 1926. I highly recommend it. If you are looking for things to do outdoors, about 20 mins outside the city is Sweetwater State Park. It’s beautiful!! I’ll post a link to the blog post I wrote on it!


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