Make a Statement

Happy Friday friends!! Can I get two “whoops” for the weekend?! “Whoop whoop!” I have been loving exploring around Atlanta the last few weeks! It’s such a cool city and there is so much to see! Yesterday we got to visit the famous Coca-Cola Museum for the first time and Ponce City Market (again)! Two Atlanta staples in one day?! Yes, please! (Oh, and do expect some posts about those places soon!) While we were out I knew comfort needed to be a big part of my outfit preparation, but as I’ve said a million times, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for cute! So today I’m going to share some simple ways to dress up your every-day wear!


As you could tell from the photograph above I made a statement necklace a huge part of my outfit. Statement necklaces are fantastic options for dressing up any outfit! My favorite way to wear a statement necklace is with a t-shirt. If you pair it with the right  shirt, it instantly looks fancier! I paired my necklace back to a t-shirt from Target. I got this lovely necklace from Earthbound for $10!


Another way to add a little flair to an outfit is to tuck your shirt! You can tuck it in the middle or on the side like I did. Either way is sure to look great and add a bit more dimension to your outfit!


Now this isn’t a way to exactly add flair, but I did want to comment on the back of my t-shirt.  It has some extra fabric in the back that lays straight down my back, which looks very flattering from the side. Something about it makes it feel almost cape-like and I love that!



Lastly, I wore one of my favorite bags from Call it Spring! This bag has several brown and tan tones so it goes with almost everything! Versatility is key!

Thanks for reading my friends and I hope your weekend is a blast!!

❤ Abbie


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