Dia De Los Doughnuts

Hi friends! I thought I would share a post that I wrote for 4Strands, the other blog I  contribute to! Atlanta is known for a lot of things: music, horrendous traffic, the airport, but sometimes the foodie atmosphere isn’t up on the top of the list. I have been doing a lot of research about our new hometown and noticed that very few people were talking about the doughnut scene. I found a few places that locals said were pretty good and I gathered the guys together to do a “Dia De Los Doughnuts.” We decided to stop at 3 different doughnut shops around Atlanta and do a sort of taste test to find our favorite doughnut shop in the Atlanta area! So let’s get down to some boston cream business, shall we?


Our first stop was at a shop called Bon Glaze. It is located in Brookhaven and they are known for their unique gourmet doughnut selections! When looking at the selections, it’s almost overwhelming! They have everything from a cotton candy doughnut to your classic red velvet. We decided to each get a different type of doughnut so we would be able to better determine the range of doughnut deliciousness!


David tried the campfire doughnut, which is a chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate glaze, and toasty marshmallow filling and topping. Jackson tried the bacon butterscotch doughnut, which is a yeast doughnut with butterscotch glaze and candied bacon on top. I tried the salted caramel balsamic which is a yeast doughnut with salted caramel glaze and a sweet balsamic reduction drizzled on top.

We loved every single doughnut we ate. Each was the perfect amount of topping to doughnut ratio! This was going to be tough competition to beat!


Our second stop was at Sublime Doughnuts in the North Druid Hills area. The shop is really cute with lots of doughnut-themed wall art. They, too, have lots of options!


David tried the Yin Yang twist which is a banana and chocolate twist doughnut. Jackson tried the A-Town Mocha which is a coffee flavored doughnut. I tried the Chocolate Banana Fritter.


Unfortunately, we were not super impressed with Sublime. The guys decided it was like a glorified Dunkin Donuts. Bon Glaze still had our doughnut lovin’ hearts!


Our last stop was Happy Donuts which is deep in Atlanta’s Little Five Points area. This place is definitely a hole in the wall. The selection isn’t great, but they have all of your classics.


David got a blueberry doughnut, Jackson got the apple crisp doughnut, and I got the apple spice doughnut. This place was really good! They know how to do their classics! We wouldn’t put them in the same category as someplace like Bon Glaze or Sublime, simply because they don’t have the variety they do. Honestly, they were really excellent classic doughnuts!


All in all, Bon Glaze definitely won our votes (specifically the campfire doughnut above)! Happy donuts was second because their classics were delicious! Lastly was Sublime, which was underwhelming. We had such a blast trying all the different places! I definitely would suggest doing something like this in your hometown! Dia De Los Doughnuts would make a great date! And hopefully next time y’all swing by Atlanta you can stop at one of these yummy places!!

❤ Abbie


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