Fashion: Backyard Chill

Summer fashion is so not my thing. It’s my least favorite time of year, and I find it really difficult to dress accordingly. It’s hard to dress cute, be appropriate, and also not die of sweating all at the same time! If you’ve mastered it, help a sister out!! But if you struggle as I do, I’ve put together a little outfit that feels pretty nice when you are trying to beat the heat.


First, a good ‘ole t-shirt! Finding a t-shirt that not only fits well, but is also lightweight is nearly impossible! I found my light blue t-shirt at Aerie. I liked the shirt so much I bought it in 4 different colors! I’m that person. But hey, if I know I like something and will make good use out of it, there is no harm in getting more than one!


Second, add a little pizzazz to your t-shirt! Yes, t-shirts can be cute on their own, but why not add a fun necklace or have an undershirt or a bralette peak out! My sweet momma bought me my “y’all” necklace from a little boutique called ShellShop in Tarpon Springs, FL. My headband is also from Aerie!


There are lots of ways to jazz up a t-shirt! You can buy your own fabulous Aerie t-shirts here!


Third, find some pants that are a little more lightweight than jeans! I got these adorable cargo pants from Loft! I call them my “Grace pants” because they remind me of something my bestie and former roommate, Grace, would wear! The pants are super practical with lots of pockets!


Finally, add some fun sandals! I love my American Eagle birkenstock sandals. These were a purchase that I didn’t know if I could pull off, but the more I wear them, the more I love them! You can buy them here!



All in all, this is definitely my go-to summer outfit! It’s simple, but comfortable! What more can you ask for!! Hope y’all have a lovely evening!

❤ Abbie


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