The Green Dress

Y’all. I have been trying to come up with a clever title for this post, but I keep coming up empty. So, looks like we are going with something simple on today’s post. Today I get to share one of my favorite summer outfits so far this year!


I got this little green dress and crochet vest from Aerie. This dress went to clearance (it’s under $20) and comes in so many other adorable colors like pink, burnt orange, and white!


Can we talk about the bell sleeves for a second?! I just love that they are coming back in style. They are just a great way to add a little flair without it coming across too cutesy.


A dear friend of mine just gave me this necklace as a graduation gift and I absolutely adore it!! It has a compass on one side and a cute quote on the other side! Love it!!

I finally put on some cute little wedges! I don’t like heels all that much, but these are so tiny I don’t even really consider it a heel. I got these babies at Payless for $20!


All in all this outfit is super simple, but really adorable! Great for church services on Sunday or maybe a night out with the girls! Hope y’all have a blessed Tuesday. Also, check out my Instagram story today!! I am heading to Disney Springs with my friend Jes for a day of much-needed relaxation and fun!! See you next time!



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