The Big Move

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you’re starting off this week feeling refreshed! It’s been a busy week in the Moon household, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down! I alluded to this last week, but we are in preparation for a big move! I can finally talk a little bit about it because we have our housing basically set! We are moving to…….

….drumroll please….

Atlanta, GA!!!! I’m sorry for all of the exclamations, I’m quite excited! I am also sorry that the picture for this post is of me in Scotland, as that can be misleading. Actually, I’m not sorry because I love that picture! Ha! Anywho, back to our move to Atlanta! We will actually be moving to a suburb of ATL called Loganville! We are going to be renting a charming house (finally, some space) and will be working in the area! We are actually going to be moving some of our stuff this weekend, and will be completely out of Tampa by the end of June. It feels so strange to be leaving so quickly, but we are excited for a change of scenery.

This whole move has really made me start to reminisce on all of the different places we have lived. We have lived more places in a few years than most people have lived in a lifetime. I’m thankful that the Lord has blessed us with lives well-traveled. Each place has offered us unique experiences that have impacted the way we live each and every day. In Baton Rouge, LA we learned how to lean on each other when we didn’t have many friends. In Tampa, we have learned how to involve lots of friends in our lives and what it’s like to have married friends. I cannot wait to see what adventure awaits us in Georgia! It’s always amazing to me to see the ways in which the Lord moves us toward the direction He wants us to go. As I close out this post, I urge you to look at your life and see how God has led you. Count your blessings and praise God that He is present in your life! And if you look around, and you don’t see God, maybe you’ve been leading for too long. Trust that God knows what direction is best for you! If you let go and let God lead, He will take you beyond places you could ever imagine!

❤ Abbie

Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life. Psalms 143-8 (1)


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  1. so happy for you! great advice. I wish you all the best.


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