Where in the World is Abigale Moon?

Y’all remember the old computer game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” Your mission was to find the evil villain Carmen Sandiego who went all over the world stealing things and organizing crime. That’s basically what my life has been like for the last month (stealing famous paintings, obviously). I finally have found some time taking off of my criminal lifestyle to write a quick post about some super exciting changes that have happened or are going to happen!

First, I graduated with my associates degree on Friday! It seems so strange considering my schooling has been a bit scattered, but I am done. I got to spend some time with my amazing family, and that was the best part! I adore when big events happen just so I can spend some time with the ones I love!!


Second, we have some really big news, but I can’t give you the full scoop yet. However, I can say that there is a move coming in our near future! Keep an eye out because I will keep y’all posted when I know everything!


Last but definitely not least, I have gotten the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of extremely creative people on a collaborative blog called 4Strands! The blog covers all sorts of fantastic topics like reading, podcasts, fashion, and travel, just to name a few. Y’all should absolutely check it out here!


I hope y’all have a fabulous Sunday, and thanks for playing “Where in the world is Abigale Moon!” You found me!!

❤ Abbie


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