Fashion Friday: The Coat

Hello dearest ones! It’s been forever since I have posted anything, and for that I apologize! We went on our trip and haven’t slowed down since! So, I am excited to share the first (of so many) posts on our Europe trip! I thought it would be only fitting to share one of my absolute favorite outfits of the trip first! As some of you may remember I had a “Treat Yo’ Self” day on my birthday! If you watched my Instagram story, then you got a little teaser of this winter outfit. It involves a beautiful coat from J.Crew. It is the most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought, but it was 2000% worth every dollar I spent! Finally the wait is over and I can reveal THE COAT!


This cape coat from J.Crew Cost me around $150 which is a pretty penny in my book. However, the coat is made out of heavy wool, and is lined with a beautiful navy silk. I was a bit concerned about my arms being out in the open, but it actually wasn’t too bad when paired with a sweater underneath.


I added a heavy fur scarf and wide brim hat to make the look complete. I got both the scarf and hat from Aerie!


I wore my favorite booties with it because when you’re walking around Versailles you want to be cute, but mostly comfortable! I love that the leather accent on the back of my boots matches the leather hooks on my jacket!



This look was very popular for me on our trip! You will probably see some more pictures of this outfit on other posts I do. The look is simple, yet classy. I can’t wait to share more pictures from Europe! A huge shout-out goes to my handsome husband Jackson, for taking some really cool shots of me on this trip! Check out his Instagram @jacksonmoon for more crazy cool pictures! As always, have a wonderful day!

❤ Abbie


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