Yzma and Kronk Costume

Hello friends! It would be terrible of me to not give you at least one costume! Jax and I got the opportunity to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party again this year and we love to dress up for it! The  hard part is finding a unique costume, so you’re not going as the same character as everyone else! Last year we went as Mary Poppins and Bert, which was original and comfortable!

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But this year we wanted something really unique. We got to thinking about it and we realized we love the movie “Emperor’s New Groove.”  If you haven’t seen it, go watch it IMMEDIATELY!! It’s on Netflix! If you have seen it, you know that Yzma and Kronk are two of the most lovably hilarious bad guys in the Disney film collection! We couldn’t think of anyone else we’d rather be! So today I’m going to share a quick tutorial on how to make a super easy Yzma and Kronk costume!


We’ll start with Kronk because his is the easiest! I got a blue shirt from Walmart and Rit fabric dyed some cotton shorts to be purple. Next I got some yellow felt and cut out the shape of Kronk’s shirt. I hand-sewed the felt to his shirt! Easy-peasy!


Hobby Lobby has foam hats for kids, but they can fit adults heads too! I got a construction worker foam hat and just cut it to make a round hat. I poked a hole through the top and attached a bendable metal wire with another piece of yellow foam at the top, to make his little antenna. I then got fake doll hair (also from Hobby Lobby) and hot glued it to the back of the hat, so it looked like Kronk’s wavy hair!


I made some cuffs out of foam sheets and just ran yellow shoelaces through to lace them around Jackson’s arm! That’s it for Kronk! Super easy!


Now let’s get working on Yzma! I got a plain black dress (which happened to look Aztec-ish) from Papaya. I got another little hat from Hobby Lobby and cut all of the reindeer parts off of it. I then put black duct tape around the hat and molded it in the shape of Yzma’s hat. I made a giant feather out of poster board and stuck a short, skinny piece of dowel rod in between the poster so the feather would stay up straight.



For Yzma’s feather collar, I got a headband and hot-glued fake feathers all around the outside. I then hot-glued some fabric around the outside of the headband, so it looked more like a collar!


Next, makeup! Yzma is super pale, so I got white face paint and spread it on my face, neck, and arms. I didn’t do too much paint on anything but my face because walking around Disney covered in body paint is not fun. It’s also hot… and sticky. I drew some old lady wrinkles on my forehead, and under my eyes. (When I tell you I am not a makeup artist, I am not lying. So, I know that my makeup doesn’t look all that great, and I’m sorry! Just know, that I know. Haha!) Also, please don’t get too scared when scrolling down, I have a wig cap on and I look a bit scary if you’re not expecting it. Lol.


I also gave myself some crazy purple eyes and attached some wild fake eyelashes! Another good thing is that Yzma is supposed to look crazy! So go all out!


And when completed?! You have Yzma and Kronk!


We had so much fun walking around Disney and seeing other people’s costumes! Halloween is just the best! Here’s a Disney hint for you: If you have a really unique or elaborate costume, Disney employees can give you stuff for free! We got some free churros because people loved our costumes!! And they gave us a TON of candy!! I hope y’all have a fantastic Halloween!!


❤ Yzma… I mean Abbie

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