Treat Yo Self!

Hey everyone! So…tomorrow is my birthday and it just so happens that I also have the day off. I decided that since Jackson is working I am going to have a Treat Yo Self day! If you are not familiar with the phrase, it comes from the hillarious TV show “Parks and Recreation.” The gist of the day is that you take one day and do whatever you want. Do you want to get your nails done, but don’t normally? TREAT YO SELF! Do you want to buy that expensive Batman costume you’ve wanted but have no use for other than to feel cool? TREAT YO SELF! You get the idea, right? I am so excited about my day tomorrow because I plan to do something I’ve never done, I’m going to give live updates all throughout my day tomorrow on Instagram! I plan on posting pictures and video (in the new Snapchat like feature on Insta) so you can share along in my fun Treat Yo Self day! You can find my Instagram at @wanderingsandbeautifulthings or you can look up Abigale Moon and find me there too! I hope you can tag along with me tomorrow!! Can’t wait!! 

❤ Abbie


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  1. I can’t wait to tag along with you on your birthday!!! I’ll definitely tune in!


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