We are going to take it nice and easy for today’s Fashion Friday. I’m going to share with you a new outfit and a new little hobby of mine!


I got this fun little handkerchief dress from Aerie! I love the adorable little pattern on it! I paired it back to my favorite tied-up chambray shirt from Hollister!


I am loving this fragrance by Vince Camuto called “Fiori.” It’s a floral kind of fragrance and it’s amazing!  Normally I don’t like floral scents, but this one is just light enough that it doesn’t scream FLOWERS! I highly recommend it! You can buy it at the Macy’s fragrance counter.


One of my newer favorite things to do is Bible journaling. I have to be perfectly honest, reading my Bible hasn’t always been a priority for me. It sounds really awful, but it’s true. A lot of times I would try reading according to a schedule; you know the whole “Read Your Whole Bible in a Month” kind of thing? That just doesn’t work for me. I have learned I like to take it slow, verse by verse and really get into it. I find a verse I love and either illustrate (to the best of my abilities, trust me I am no artist) or do some typography of the verse! I will have to do another post on some of my favorite verses! If you have the same problems I have with trying to get into the habit of reading your Bible, I suggest trying lots of things to find the way that suits you best. It took me awhile, but now that I have found journaling I really feel connected and the desire to read daily!


I added some chandelier earrings to complete the outfit. My earrings are Lucky Brand and I got them from Macy’s also! There is something about having short hair and wearing long earrings; I just love it! I hope y’all have a perfect Friday and get some Bible study in!

❤ Abbie


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  1. Very interesting Abbie! I think I would like the bible journaling and I’m going to check out the new fragrance!
    Love you both! Penny


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