10 Instagram Accounts To Follow

Hey everyone! Today we are having another Wanderings Blog take-over! Y’all remember my amazing sister-in-law, Julia, right?! She helped us with some awesome halloween costumes! Well today she’s back with some of her favorite Instagram accounts! See y’all later this week with a blog post from my Myrtle Beach trip!

❤ Abbie

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for cute Instagram accounts that post daily and keep you inspired! Here I have assembled 10 accounts that I personally love. (Plus two bonus celebrity accounts that post great stuff all the time.)

For Blog Frequenters:

unknown (4)

New Darlings is a super adorable blog about a couple who lives in Arizona. Follow for interior design and fashion.

unknown (2)

Soel Sister is a blog run by Sydney Soelberg-Thorton. Follow for fashion, recipes, and ultimate #hairgoals.

For artists:


Mari (rhymes with starry) Andrews is an artist who posts a new sketch every morning. Follow if you want to laugh as soon as you wake up.

unknown (5)

Dallas Clayton writes children’s books and is overall an adorable asset to this earth. Follow for uplifting bits of happiness.

For bibliophiles:

unknown (7)

Liesa is a law student in Berlin who keeps her followers up-to-date on what she is reading in incredibly artsy and unattainable ways. Follow if you love reading and reviews.

unknown (6)

Emma lives in Canada and spends her time reading and cooking. Follow if you love books and food, TOGETHER.

For crafters:

House Lars Built Dinnerware

“A whimsical design DIY blog.” Follow if you love colors and have a craft store/glue gun handy. Or if you have an urge to plan a party.

unknown (9)

Mo loves embroidery. And Mo will make you love embroidery. And make you want to buy her embroidery. Follow if you like to sew and/or have an Etsy account.

For foodies:

unknown (3)

Marie Saba graces Instagram with celebrity food portraits and hilarious food puns. Follow if you like to eat or need a daily chuckle.

For lovers of all things vintage:


Annelies is an 18 year old Dutch/Belgian girl with an old-fashioned face. She creates/commissions costumes and poses for precious pictures. Follow if you love Audrey Hepburn, even though that is not what is pictured here.


Who doesn’t love a bonus? How about two? I follow lots of celebrities on the gram (go ahead and judge) and two ladies really stand out as down-to-earth. Every picture they post makes me love them more!
So follow:

unknown (10)


unknown (1)


Thanks for reading!


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