This past month Jackson and I were talking about trying to declutter our apartment. Our lanai (patio for all you non-Floridians) closet was filled almost to the ceiling with boxes of stuff. We had a walk-in closet filled with clothes. Our dining room table was covered in junk that we brought in from the car and dropped. You know it’s bad when you come home and can’t relax because there is stuff everywhere. Granted, it might be more obvious to us considering we live in a small apartment and any clutter looks terrible, but we still decided that we needed to do something about all this junk! So we came up with a plan to declutter! And with the help of “The Minimalists” podcast, we got to work by asking their one simple question: Does this item add value to my life? Some of the answers were easy, like does this old ticket stub to a movie from four years ago add value to my life? Obviously not. Some were more difficult, like does this Christmas tree add value to our life? Believe it or not, we are getting rid of our Christmas tree. It takes up too much space for something that we are only going to use for three weeks out of the year. It’s kind of funny, once you start going though stuff you get in this groove that seems to make getting rid of stuff easier! We highly suggest donating unwanted items. Not only are you freeing up space for yourself, but you are also giving items to those in need! At one point we noticed that we had something like 12 bath towels. What do two people living in a tiny apartment need 12 towels for?!? We didn’t. So we donated them! Simple stuff like that can make a big difference! And remember the little things add up. As you might’ve guessed there were other things that we decided did add value to our lives, like things we use daily and some sentimental items. Another perk to going through stuff you haven’t seen in a while is that you might find some sentimental things you thought you lost forever! For example, my grandmother gave me a penny that I gave to her when I was a kid. I told her it was good luck. So she gave the penny and a little note back to me on our wedding day. I thought I lost it in our move to Florida, so I was thrilled to find the note and penny! It’s things like that that can make the decluttering fun. The process may be long, but the reward is sweet! Here is a during picture:

So with a day and a half’s work and a lot of Chick-fil-a sweet tea we rummaged through our junk and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Two car-fulls of trash, two car-fulls of donated items and a car-full of stuff we plan to sell either on Facebook garage sales or on craigslist, to be exact.


When we finished hauling everything out the apartment just felt cozier! We weren’t stressed out about the way everything looked, and everything we did keep has its’ place. We even started thinking about more options on space saving and functionality. So stay posted because I’m going to be doing a lanai makeover post and a post about workspaces! I cannot encourage you enough to get into your attic/closets and get rid of some junk. They say that external clutter can be a sign of mental clutter, and I really believe that! Almost instantly when we made the decision to get rid of something our minds felt less cluttered. Now we can enjoy being at home without feeling claustrophobic. So I encourage you today to start getting rid of junk! If you need some motivation go check out “The Minimalists” podcast. Episode one is called “Declutter” and it will definitely give you that push to get moving! Hope you have a great evening!
Go clean!


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