Fashion Friday: Boho Chic

Hello my friendly readers! Hopefully your Friday is going swimmingly! Today’s post is going to be focused around a boho chic look that I am loving right now! Anything bohemian style is really in, and my favorite part about that look is that it’s all about layering! It’s super easy, comfy, and cute! My 3 favorite combinations!


This outfit is an easy go-to outfit for a day off work, casual cute! My jeans are from J. Crew. They are semi-high-waisted, so they are perfect to pair with a crop top! My t-shirt from Aerie has a really cute peplum, which is another favorite design of mine. Really anything with a peter pan collar or a peplum just makes me scream “Get in Abbie’s closet!” Yes, I talk to myself in third-person.


Guys… I’m going to be honest.. it took me about 20 times to get a good top-knot shot. It’s something that my hair is starting to be able to be long enough to do, so I was really excited to show it off in this post! I ❤ top-knots!


Here’s a closer look at the lace detailing on the scarf. I love it! It’s a lightweight scarf so it’s not too hot in the Florida weather! I got it from American Eagle a few years back. It’s perfect for that boho chic style!


Finally, we have to finish the outfit with some cute shoes! I got these babies from American Eagle online! I love how strappy they are! I would choose these over flip flops any day of the year. They still give your feet room to breathe, but have a better structure than a flip flop! I just love them! Well that is it for this fashion Friday! I hope your day is fashionably fun!

❤ Abbie


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  1. I have that scarf! Great outfit

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