Wandering Wednesday: Disney Springs

Happy Wandering Wednesday folks! Thanks for joining me on this lovely day! Whenever you hear Orlando, FL, what pops up in your mind? Disney! Universal Studios! Sea World! That’s about it, right?  Well I am here to tell you that going to Orlando doesn’t always mean you have to spend $150 per person! Today we are going to visit one of the inexpensive and fun places in Orlando! Disney Springs!

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While it is Disney affiliated, you don’t have to pay a fee to walk around this fun area! There are tons of yummy restaurants, live entertainment, photo opportunities, and cute shops to fill your day! I’ll share just a few of the cool things to do at Disney Springs!


My first suggestion is to visit the Once Upon a Toy shop! It’s so much fun!! Step inside and build your own Mr. or Mrs. Potato head! Below is a picture of me, our friend Ana and my sister Elizabeth with our Mr.Potato Heads!


You can also build your own lightsaber!


Yes, you read that correctly. YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN LIGHTSABER! This place is full of fun toys and games!


Next stop is food! There are tons of amazing restaurants to choose from! Rainforest Cafe is always a favorite of ours. I think it’s because as kids we went there often on vacation, so the nostalgia is real y’all!


If you’re looking for something classy I definitely suggest the newly-opened restaurant called The Boathouse! It’s a little pricey so this would be a great dinner option!


Make sure to take a ride around the lake in the boat cars there too!


Next is the Lego Store! Imagine a room full of Lego kits and an entire wall devoted to color-separated Lego pieces! It’s an OCD person’s dream! There are little areas set up where you can build Lego houses, Lego cars, or Lego people! Also, check out the super cool Disney themed Lego structures all around the store! The above picture is a a scene from Sleeping Beauty! It’s crazy to think that the whole thing is made out of Legos!!


At this point you’ll probably be wanting a sweet treat, so stop by Candy Cauldron for some of the best caramel apples you’ll ever eat!


Make sure as you’re walking along you stop and take pictures at some of the many photo ops! My sister and I got to chill with Winnie, Tigger, and Piglet!


As you’re walking you’ll see a lot of themed shops as well! There is a Star Wars themed shop called Galactic Outpost. There is also a shop called Super Hero Headquarters that is based off of Agents of Shield! They sell tons of cool Avengers gear! Also be sure to check out the World of Disney shop for all things Disney movie and Disney princess related!


The final place I suggest you visit in Disney Springs is the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain! All I have to say is World Famous Hot Fudge Sundae. You’re welcome earth. (Just a hint: Even if you don’t buy anything, go inside because they will give you a free piece of chocolate!)


Well this is it for a fun Disney-related Wandering Wednesday! Hope you get the chance to explore Disney Springs and make some fun memories! Lego Abbie says, “Have a great Wednesday!”

❤ Lego Abbie


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