Wandering Wednesday: Indie Flea

Get ready for the most hipster thing you’ve ever seen on my blog. I’m so excited. Haha! A few weeks ago I got to go to the Indie Flea in Tampa and I have been dying to do a post about it ever since. The Indie Flea is a bit newer in Tampa, and honestly I feel the area has needed something like it for a long time. It’s basically a flea market filled with hand-made and vintage goodies! It is quite possibly the coolest event I’ve ever attended in Tampa! The flea is held in the old Rialto Theater downtown which gives vendors plenty of places to set up! So I’m just going to give you a quick tour, highlighting some of my favorite vendors!


Isn’t the outside pretty!?! It really couldn’t be housed in a cuter location. We checked out the side building first and we stopped by this absolutely adorable shop called “I Am So Not Cool.” Cheryl is a sweet momma who makes the coolest jewelry! You can check her out on Instagram at @Iamsonotcoolvintage or order some of her awesome jewelry here on Etsy!


Look how cute these earrings are!! I wanted to buy one of everything. I did get two super adorable necklaces, but I’ll share those in a Fashion Friday down the road! After we walked around the outside we grabbed some yummy food from one of the several food trucks! We ate at Slow and Low Barbeque and let me tell you…. that was some of the best bbq I’ve had in a long time! And I’m from Memphis!


We got bbq tacos with slaw and a side of killer mac ‘n cheese and potato salad! It was a fantastic southern meal that we hope to enjoy again soon!!


Next stop is the inside!


As you’re walking around inside there are a lot of things that’ll catch your eye! One of those things is a shop called “O’Berry’s Succulents.” This adorable shop is based in St.Pete and are known for their succulent art!


I mean, how stinkin’ cute is that?!?! I just love succulents!! You can follow them on Instagram at @oberrysucculents to see some of their super cool succulent art!


The next shop is called “Hoop and Heart” and she is based in Tampa! She hand-stitches all of her hoop art! Her shop is really fun! You can follow her on Instagram @hoopandheart to see all of her neat creations!


By this time you are probably a little thirsty! We have two suggestions for that! The first is some carbonated cold brew coffee from “The Hip Lion.” It’s such a cool concept and we are really hoping they open up a shop soon!


The second suggestion is ginger beer from Tidal Boar! If you buy the bigger size you get to keep the cool bottle too!!!


The last shop on the list (this time) is “The Folk Lohr.” All I have to say is hand-stitched Bill Murray and Ron Swanson hoop art.


You can check them out on Insta at @thefolklohr and see all of their fun custom embroidery!


I hope that you’ll check out some these great shops and support local art!! Supporting local artists is something that I’m really passionate about! So go look at some of their cool stuff! I know they’ll appreciate it!! And if you’re in Tampa on the third Sunday of the month, go check out the Indie Flea!!

❤ Abbie


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