Fashion Friday: His and Hers

Guys. I’m so excited right now! For this Fashion Friday we are having a guys and girls edition!! My sweet husband let me take some pictures of him at this adorable flea market we explored! The flea market will be an upcoming Wandering Wednesday because it was quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve done in Tampa!! So stay tuned for more adorable places to explore! Aaannnyyywhoooo… let’s get going on this special edition FF! So we’ll start with a side-by-side of our outfits!

too cool

It was a gorgeous day out for a flea market, so I donned one of my favorite new dresses from CottonOn! Y’all, I got this dress for $10. Isn’t that crazy?! I cannot sing the praises of CottonOn’s prices enough! If you’re on a tight budget, but you’re looking for something cute, I highly suggest checking them out! Jackson is wearing one of his favorite button downs from J. Crew  layered over a plain grey t-shirt. We love layering!! His super comfy khakis are from American Eagle!


Alright, you’re going to get a close up of our favorite part of Jackson’s button-down! ELBOW PATCHES!!! There are few things classier than elbow patches. To me, elbow patches and peter pan collars are the classiest ever.


No day at the flea market is complete without sunglasses! Both of ours are from Ray-Ban. I know they can be a little pricey, but they really are the best made and most durable of all other brands of sunglasses I’ve tried. I’m willing to pay a little more occasionally for something that will last a long time! Alright, back to the dress for a second. Can we talk about how adorable floral prints are?! I’m not usually into crazy patterned stuff, but florals are a whole different story. I could rock a good floral print all day if I had the chance.


Back to paying a little more for something more durable. Jackson got these killer Rockport boots from DSW. They are leather and super durable! He said that he loves the versatility of them! He wears them for everything from camping to going to work! They are a great all around boot!


Well, this is it for today! I had so much fun doing this post! Maybe I can convince Jackson to do more of these with me!! I hope y’all’s Friday is rockin’!


❤ Abbie and Jackson


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  1. Love it abbie you both rock you look beautiful!!

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