DIY: Distressed Jeans

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m bringing you a tutorial on how to distress jeans. I wish I didn’t have to do this tutorial on my favorite jeans, but alas, rips happen.


And they didn’t even rip in a cool way either. Like, I wasn’t trying to longboard down a huge hill and plummeted to my almost death and ripped my jeans in the process.  Jackson said I should’ve said that I caught them on a barbed wire fence I hopped while running from the police. Either way, it was not awesome like those stories. It was super lame. I was walking through the store I work for and ran into a table with a metal pie tin on it and my jeans got caught in the metal. Once a klutz, always a klutz, am I right? Well, now I get to do a blog post about how to distress jeans so I guess it all worked out in the end. Here’s What you’ll need:


Jeans – Newspaper/ cardboard – Scissors – Xacto Knife – Tweezers – Razor

First thing you’ll want to do is mark on your jeans where you want to put the holes/rips. I did some on my knees and a few up above and below. I marked it with a yellow washable highlighter. You can see it and it’ll also wash out in the wash. You can use chalk too, but I fear that it would rub off in the process.


Next, you’ll want to take the magazine and put it in your jeans wherever you’ll be using the Xacto knife. We don’t want rips on the back! Then take the Xacto knife and start rubbing your jeans. I rubbed them at an angle. If you don’t do it at an angle it will make slits in your jeans. If you want slits then just use the Xacto like you’re supposed to. If you want to keep some of the white stings on there and not make big tears then rub at an angle. Once you do that you’ll start to notice little blue fluffs of fabric coming off.


You can then take your tweezers and start pulling the blue strings and fluff. Don’t pull the white strings unless you want big holes!


This is what it looks like after you go at it for awhile. You can stop there if you’d like!


Now, I still thought the big rip was a little distracting, so I did some patchwork on my jeans too. I found this adorable fabric in my craft drawer and thought it was perfect for these jeans! So I grabbed a needle and thread and got to work! I also took my scissors and made a few more smaller holes and patched those in to!


And this is the finished product! I really love how they turned out! I figured it would be easier to make smaller holes and rips now, because I know that the normal wear and tear will turn them into bigger holes later on.

Jean Collage

Hope y’all have a fantastic Wednesday!

❤ Abbie


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