Wandering Wednesday: Tarpon Springs, FL

Happy Wandering Wednesday everyone! Today we are going to visit the Sponge capital of the world, Tarpon Springs, FL! Not only is this adorable little place known for it’s sponge diving, but it’s also home to a large Greek community! So put on your diving suit and let’s go dive for some sponges!


Just kidding. Professional divers have already gotten them for you! You can walk down the sidewalks and there are tons of different types of sponges to choose from! It’s crazy to think that they come from the ocean!



While you’re there you can walk along the docks and watch the pelicans! If you’re lucky you might even see some manatees!




The shops along the strip are adorable too! There are some really cute soap and t-shirt shops along the way!


When visiting Tarpon Springs, you absolutely must check out Hella’s Restaurant and Bakery! It’s so adorable and delicious!! We stopped in and got dessert!


Jackson got an enormous eclair and I got a….. drum roll please….. baklava cheesecake. Are you salivating yet? Maybe a picture would help!

PicMonkey Collage

Doesn’t that look yummy?! It totally was. We highly suggest Hella’s! And after you’re done stuffing your face with Greek food, take a walk by the water to work it off!



I hope one day you can take a trip out to Tarpon Springs!

❤ Abbie


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