DIY Galentine’s Day Party!

Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!! Today is the day to celebrate your lady friends! I’m going to give y’all a quick tutorial on how to throw a super fun and adorable Galentine’s Day Party! First, you can go to Michael’s, Target, or the Dollar Store and look at all their adorable Valentine’s day decor! By this point it all should be half off! Just to give you an idea I got Valentine’s day plates, napkins, straws, cut out hearts, a table cloth, some chocolate gifts all for $15! Can’t beat those prices for a party!!


Second, decide how dressy you want your party to be! I realized that all my friends that were coming had worked all day and I figured that they probably weren’t going to want to go home and get all dressed up. So, for my Galentine’s Day party I decided to do a pj party complete with desserts and a blanket fort! Friends, you can never go wrong with a blanket fort. Or pajamas for that matter.


Third, get to decorating! I wanted everything to be really girly, so I took paper heart cut outs and strung them together to make some adorable garland! I also chose to decorate the inside of the blanket fort with some of the fans as well! The table was super fun too! I decided that having punch in our nice glasses would be a fun twist to the chillness of pajamas and relaxation!




Fourth, enjoy your party with your friends!! If they are anything like my friends, they are sure to be super sweet and love all of the effort you put into it!! We ate dessert and watched the fantastic Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday! I’m so glad I had the time to celebrate the wonderful ladies in my group because I feel like we don’t celebrate our friendships often enough! Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!!!


❤ Abbie


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