Wandering Wednesday: Brooklyn, NY

Happy Wandering Wednesday y’all! I’m excited to be sharing part two of our honeymoon trip to New York today. I shared part one awhile back and I’m finally getting around to the second half! Today we will be wandering around Brooklyn and Coney Island!


When we went to NY I really wanted to venture over to Brooklyn. I had heard of a lot of things about the Brooklyn Flea, Smorgasburg, and Williamsburg so we made it a point on our to-do list! Also, what would be a New York trip without seeing the Brooklyn Bridge? So first thing we are going to visit is the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park!


And all I can say is ‘What a view!’ We honestly could have sat at the park all day and just watched the city from across the river. So beautiful!


Next stop is Smorgasburg in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Williamsburg is basically hipster central. And Smorgasburg is a huge food truck and food stand festival that happens on Saturdays. It is so stinking cool. There are tons of vendor set up in the park and you can get everything from fish and chips, to crazy Mexican dishes! I got the Cemita and it was phenomenal! Smorgasburg is a definite must-do if you go to Brooklyn!


While you’re there check out all the awesome street art! It’s everywhere! You could make a day out of walking around and finding cool murals and paintings! The above were some of our favorites!


Next, we went on over to Coney Island! It’s one of those places that you have to see just because it’s so historical! It’s incredible to walk on the boardwalk by all the rides and think about when it was booming in it’s heyday! You almost expect it to be like it was back in the 1920s, but I assure you it’s not the same any longer. Times have changed, but it’s important to remember the historical significance to places like this!


And you have to check out the original Nathan’s Hot Dogs while you’re there; it’s another classic! Well, this is it for our trip to Brooklyn and Coney Island! Maybe someday you can make the trip! I’m going to leave you with my favorite mural in Brooklyn!


❤ Abbie and Audrey