DIY Galentine’s Day Invitations!

It’s almost that time of year again!! Galentine’s Day is just around the corner!! If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day let me get you in the loop! Galentine’s Day is held the day before Valentine’s Day and it is when you and all of your lady friends get together and celebrate being women and friends!! Sounds like a pretty fun day right?! Exactly. So this year I am going to do a few posts on how to DIY your very own Galentine’s Day party! As with any party, the first thing you need is invitations! Making invitations is one of the many joys in my life. There is something super fun about making them and having others enjoy them! So, here’s what you’ll need to make these invitations:

1 pack of cards and envelopes (or more if needed) – Stamps – Ink pad – Sharpie pens in black and pink – Watercolor paints


Now, you’re probably thinking, “Man, this is going to cost a small fortune!” That’s where you’re wrong! Check out Hobby Lobby and Michael’s around this time. They will have all of their Valentine’s Day items on sale. When I went two days ago they had all the Valentine’s Day stuff 50% off! Just to give you a heads up I got all of the things in the picture above (minus the camera stamp and ink pad) for $6. The envelopes and cards I actually found in the wedding section for $1.00, but the rest was in the Valentine’s section. The cool thing about the envelope is that they open like a flower and the card is only a single piece of cardstock in the middle! I bought them because I had the perfect thing in mind, but we’ll get to that later!


First, I started to watercolor the piece of cardstock. I’m kinda new to watercoloring, but I’m finding that you can’t really go wrong when watercoloring! So feel free to try something new! Make your flowers different colors, shapes, and sizes! Be creative!


After I just started doing some fun lettering with my Sharpie pens! Once the card was done I started to get to work on the envelope! I chose to write on the inside of the envelope, so as you open it you get a new piece of info about what Galentine’s Day is about!


These are the finished products! I love how they turned out!


This is the front!


And the back! I love the sticker and how the envelope folds!


I will have more fun DIY Galentine’s Day projects heading your way and will be blogging the party! So keep posted!! Can’t wait to share the rest with you!

❤ Abbie


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