Fashion Friday!

Happy Fashion Friday everyone!! Considering the last time we talked fashion I gave you a fun date night outfit, I figured it was time to do something chill. Today I am doing the complete opposite of date night and giving you a comfy but cute outfit! This is the kind of thing I wear running around town picking up groceries or maybe I’m doing floorset at work. So, let’s get started!


You’ve seen this top before in one of my first fashion friday posts and I can’t help but wear it again! It’s super comfortable and really cute. You can’t tell in this picture but it has a low back, which adds a bit of flair to the outfit. I’m also wearing some of my favorite American Eagle joggers! If you haven’t tried joggers yet, you need to get on it! They are beyond cozy and can be dressed up really nicely. I suggest heading over to American Eagle or Aerie and trying on some of the many different styles they have! I also tied a chambray button-down around my waist too, just to add a bit of dimension to the outfit. My chambray shirt is from PacSun.


To complete the look I wore my high-top Vans which I absolutely adore! Jackson got them for me when he worked at PacSun and I just can’t get enough of them! I am definitely a sneakers kind of girl! Well, I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend and get to do something fun! I’m off to explore St.Petersburg with my bff Grace! Do I hear a Wandering Wednesday calling….?

❤ Abbie


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