Wandering Wednesday: Milan, OH

Happy wandering Wednesday y’all! For today’s post we are going to journey to the lovely Milan, Oh. This town is like a real life Stars Hollow! Everyone is super nice and the town square is precious! So let’s get started exploring this historic town!

Milan is most known for being the birthplace of Thomas Edison! He was born in Milan in 1847. You can visit his childhood home and a museum dedicated to him in Milan! They have many of Edison’s early inventions and family treasures for your viewing! You can check out their website here to find out more information about hours of the museum! Below is a picture of his birthplace!

They have a memorial statue in the town center honoring Thomas Edison.

There are also some really cool antique shops that have phonographs for sale and for show! If you didn’t know, Edison invented the phonograph and many people say that was his favorite invention. If you don’t know what a phonograph is you should look it up! They are super cool!

Milan also has another really cool museum called the Milan History Museum! You can step back in time to the heyday of Milan and tour a victorian home, a general store, a blacksmith shop, and many other really cool sites!

And if all this wasn’t cool enough already, you have to walk around and look at all the other beautiful historic homes!

I am going to leave you with one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken of Milan. All of their lamp posts have replicas of Edison’s first lightbulb, and they are beautiful! If you’d like you can check out more of my husband and my photography here!

Happy wandering!

❤ Abbie


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