Happy Sunday all! Today I was looking back on a lot of my photographs I have taken over the years and was thinking about all the different places and things I have seen. I truly feel blessed to live my life. Every day is a blessing from God and we need to remember that! So today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite photographs I have taken over time!

The first picture was taken in a state park somewhere in Georgia. This ladies and gentlemen is why I stress taking road trips to your destination! Jackson and I were traveling home from visiting my mom and Tommy in Memphis and we just happened to find this place! We passed over a bridge for the lake you see in the background and we just had to see what it was! We postponed our trip for about an hour and just walked around the park. We saw these beautiful woods, the lake (which you’ll see a few pictures down), and a bunch of deer! It has become one of my favorite places we have happened upon!

This picture was taken on an island in the middle of Lake Norman in Mooresville, North Carolina. My grandparents live on the lake and since I was a kid we would boat past this island, but never stopped! Finally this summer we boated over and found a beautiful little place. When we got close to the sandbar the water started sparkling with little gold flecks. The island was full of beautiful pebbles and gnarled trees. We also found these beautiful bushes above! I just love the colors of the berries or whatever they are! Yet another reason to explore the unknown!

This picture was taken in Central Park in New York City. Jackson and I went to New York on our honeymoon and honestly this was one of my favorite places we visited there! If you ever get the chance to go to NYC you absolutely must  go to Central Park. It’s incredible how beautiful it is to be surrounded by trees and grass in the middle of a huge city!

This is the picture I promised you before. This was also taken at the state park in Georgia. I have never in my life seen water so reflective and still. This is my handsome husband doing what he loves! Again, road trips are awesome and you should always take the scenic route. Always!

Last is this little beauty right here. This was taken at my Dad’s house in Ohio. It’s the simple things, ya know? There’s one thing you can always expect when visiting, fresh flowers in pretty vases!

So today, I challenge you to share a favorite photograph that you have taken of a memory or a place you love! Or if you don’t have a favorite picture I encourage you to explore! Go find something cool! Think outside the box! Please feel free to share your photo in the comment section on here or you can friend me on Instagram (AbigaleMoon is my username) and tag me in your photo! I would love to see this spread around so feel free to share and please do!! And I plan to feature some of my favorites on here!! Can’t wait to see!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!


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