Halloween Party!

Hey everyone and happy Halloween!!! I hope y’all are having a super fun day and are planning to have an even better night!! I just wanted to share with you a few decorating ideas, halloween playlist options, and some pictures from our Halloween party last Friday! Let me tell you, it was a great time! For decorating I made all of the signs myself. Not only is crafting something I love doing, but it’s also waayyy cheaper than buying an item (most of the time). We had a pumpkin carving station with knives and candles provided. I took a piece of cardboard box and cut out an oval shape, spray painted it black, then wrote “Choose your weapon for the carving contest” in chalk paint marker! Added a little gold floral pattern on the outside and it was done!

We also had a station for voting for the costume contests! We had best all around, best couple, scariest, and best group costume contests! Each winner was awarded with a trophy (which I also made)! The trophies were super simple to make. For the scariest costume trophy I took a dollar store skull, painted it gold, and flipped a plastic wine glass upside down and hot glued the skull on top of the wine glass! It was super easy and took me all of 2 hours to make the different trophies.  Each trophy was made with a variation of the one above!

For a playlist, I really wanted to think outside the box! You have your obvious Halloween party mix with songs like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “The Monster Mash,” but there are a lot of fun other songs that are great to include too! You can listen to my Halloween Playlist here on Spotify! We also had bobbing for apples, which was a blast!

Our only requirement to the party was to be in costume and our friends went above and beyond! I love that!! Here area few of our guests!

Grace and Abe went as Hipster Mickey and Minnie! Aren’t they adorable!?! If you haven’t seen it, Disney has come out with a line of Hipster Mickey and Minnie art and clothing… it’s super cute!

Lushi, George, Cody, and Mary went as Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the Crocodile! They went for a very earthy almost steampunk vibe and I totally loved it!

Dean and Kayla went as Witch King of Angmar and Arwen from Lord of the Rings! Dean made his costume and mask. How cool is that?!

Next is Will, and he brought a punny side to the party! Can you guess why he’s so sad?

Because life handed him lemons!! #dying I love a good pun!

Harris and Morgan went as Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley from the Harry Potter series! If you ever have the chance to have blue hair, you must take it.

And, you all know what I was, but I have to put a picture up of my handsome werewolf husband! He’s the cutest.

We ended the night by taking pumpkins and chopping them up with our friend Drake’s sword! Which, I’m not even going to lie, was super fun. Anytime you get to wield a sword is fun, but there is something fulfilling about cutting up a pumpkin in mid-air!

Also, perfect timing is everything. Haha! I have to say that I am so blessed to have such amazing fun friends in my life! The party wouldn’t have been half as fun without them!! I hope your Halloween is spooktacular!!

❤ Abbie


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