Fashion Friday: Little Red Riding Hood, Werewolf Huntress

Hey everyone and happy fashion Friday! Today will be part one of two posts on this costume! I will show you in this post how to make a floor-length red riding hood cape! Next week there will be a tutorial on how to make a werewolf vest, and how to do makeup and hair!

We will start with the cape. First thing you need is 2 and 1/2 yards of red fabric. I used this fabric called peach skin fabric. It has a beautiful color and the fabric literally feels like the skin of a peach… who’da thought that? The other cool thing about the fabric is that it was made really wide, so much so that I just took 2 yards and sewed it length-wise. I’ll explain more on that later. I also bought a hook for the clasp of my cape.

I cut 10 x 36 inches off the length of my cape for my hood.  I cut off whatever weird amount of fabric that was left on the end. With the weird fabric left, I had just enough to make a strip that fit around my neck with some room to spare. Take that strip and set it aside. Next, take the 10 x 36 in fabric and fold it in half. I then sewed one long side of the fabric. At this point there should be a folded in half side and a sewed side. In the photo below I drew what your hood should look like. The squiggle will be the folded part and the dotted line should be where you sewed.

After you have sewn all of that, take that strip that is your neck circumference and take the hood and sew the hood onto the strip. Set that aside.

Next, you will make the cape part. Now I really wanted my cape to be flowy. I didn’t care so much how long it was, but because I am so short it worked out to be floor-length on me! I started on one side of the length and started to gather it in sections. Don’t laugh but I ran out of pins so I had to keep it gathered the best way I could…. so enter paper clips. I made sure that when it was all gathered it fit around my neck and had a little room to spare.

I attempted to sew the gathering together with my sewing machine, but at some points I had 5 layers of fabric folded, so it didn’t work. I’m actually thankful that it didn’t work because the way I hand-sewed it you don’t see any stitching on the outside. Next, take the neck strip and hood combo and hand sew the gathered cape onto the neck strip. That will probably take awhile. I double sewed all of the cape gatherings just to make sure that it is sturdy.

Next I took the clasps and sewed them onto the neck strap! After this your cape is done!!

Right now I’m just going to show you the back of the cape! Next week you will get the full thing!

Don’t you just love the billow on that!?! I really do. I hope this has been informative and I hope you all have a happy fashion Friday!

❤ Abbie


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