Halloween Party Invitation DIY

Hey y’all! Hope you all have been having a great week! Today I’m going to show you a tutorial on how to make fun Halloween party invitations! To begin you need to pick up a few supplies! You’ll need cardstock paper, a sharpie marker, a sharpie pen, fun halloween stamps and stencils, ink stamps in brown and black, paper napkins, and a ruler!

First thing, take a crumpled up napkin and stamp it in brown ink pad. I used a brand called Distress Ink Walnut Stain. It’s this rich brown stain color and it really works for making anything look older! You can buy it at Hobby Lobby. Take that napkin and dab the cardstock paper. I chose a cream color cardstock paper because I wanted my finished product to look old and used. Now instead of dabbing brown ink you could tea stain the cardstock to make it look old, but tea staining takes awhile, so I chose stamping.

After you’ve stamped both sides of the cardstock grab your ruler and sharpie pen. Make a 1/2 in mark around all sides of your cardstock, and connect those lines to make a rectangular frame. Next in all of the corners draw 2 lines out and connect the lines and the frame with scoop marks, and those become spiderwebs.

I then took my tree stencil and colored in that area with my sharpie marker. I drew little gravestones on either side of the tree just to make it seem fuller.

We chose the phrase “Eat, Drink, and be Scary” as the theme to our Halloween party, so I drew that in a messy cursive font on the front side of the invite. Below is the finished product for the front side.

On the back side of the invite is all of the information people need to know about the party. For example, I wrote when and where the party is located, the date, the hosts, that it was a costume mandatory party, and that we are having a pumpkin carving contest! For each of these items I had a corresponding stamp. I like the idea of splitting up the invitation in different sections and making it look choppy. I also tried to use a different type of font in each section. I love typography and I feel it adds interest to the invitation!

This is the finished product for the back! Hope this tutorial has been helpful! With invitations you can really allow yourself to be creative and come up with fun ideas of your own!

Hope y’all have a great Thursday and I hope to see you back tomorrow for part one of my two-part halloween costume special!

❤ Abbie!


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