Fashion Friday: 5 Pop Culture Costumes with Julia!

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that today and the 30th we will be having a guest blogger!! My amazing sister-in-law Julia is taking over Wanderings and Beautiful Things! You’ve met Julia once before on another Fashion Friday but today and the 30th she is bringing you 10 easy costumes from Pop Culture! Take it away Jules!

Hi! My name is Julia LeFort, and I’m Abbie’s sister-in-law. I’m a geeky, fandom-loving girl who always has her nose in a book. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I always have a lot of fun trying to come up with a good costume. Unfortunately, I tend to spend so much time coming up with different options that I run out of time to actually assemble my costume. So here are 5 pop culture related costumes that you should be able to whip up straight from your closet! On the 30th I will have 5 more!
1. Amelia “Amy” Pond — “Doctor Who”
    I love “Doctor Who” and I’ve (humble brag) met Matt Smith at a New Orleans ComicCon. Amy Pond is my spirit animal, and her outfits are easy to replicate. This one is from her most heartbreaking episode, “The Angels take Manhattan.” Wear dark jeans, a black-and-white striped top, brown oxford shoes (or flats,) and a khaki jacket. Part your hair straight down the middle and let it fall in soft waves. (Lucky you if your hair is as red as Karen Gillan’s.)
    Optional: Sporting a Scottish accent and small round glasses
2. Mary Poppins — Do I really need to type it twice?
    She’s practically perfect in every way. You can make the perfect costume with practically nothing. Black skirt, white oxford shirt, black tights and heels. Tie a red ribbon in a bow around your neck. Wrap your hair into a bun and wear makeup worthy of Julie Andrews.
    Optional: An umbrella!
    Bonus points if: You wear a black hat with flowers
3. Wednesday Addams — “The Addams Family”
    This was my Halloween costume last year. It is super simple and very fun. All you need is black clothing and a white collared shirt to wear underneath. Part your hair straight down the middle and braid both sides. Wear very dark makeup and do not smile. All. Night. Long.
    Optional: Cut the head off of an old doll
4. Castiel — “Supernatural”
    Misha gripped us tight and raised us from perdition. (P.S. – Met him too.) Everyone’s favorite “Supernatural” character is easy to emulate. Black pants, white shirt, trench coat, and a backwards blue tie. Wear little to no makeup and it’s okay if your hair is kind of a mess, because you just fell from Heaven. Speak in a pseudo deep voice and act confused at every reference.
    Optional: A knife sharpener looks surprisingly like an angel blade.
    Bonus points if: You wear black angel wings
5. Princess Leia — “Star Wars”
    Princess Leia is the best of the best. This costume isn’t an exact replica. Instead, I just wore white clothes and the dark lipstick. The hair is key. Everyone can recognize the Leia buns. Twist up sections of your hair and pin them to your head very carefully. (There are about a million and two bobby pins in my hair.) Hairspray A LOT. Be sassy. Because you are a princess.
It’s Abbie again! I don’t know about you but I am SO EXCITED to see what else Julia has for us on the 30th!!! Thank you Jules for helping out this month!!! Have a happy Fashion Friday everyone!

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  1. This is super cute! Love this post 🙂 Great costumes! ❤

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