Ghosts of Halloweens past……

HAPPY OCTOBER!!! It’s finally here!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! So before all of the fun craziness of October begins I am going to bare my soul a little bit. Well, maybe not my soul, but you are going to get to see a lot about my life! I have a mother that is seriously the coolest. Since I was a baby, she would dress me up for Halloween by making me these amazing costumes. We would decide on a costume and she would sew away and make these fantastic costumes! And the best part is, she would dress up too! One of my favorite costumes ever is one where I dressed up as Esmeralda and she was the hunchback. When we walked into the party everyone was asking me who came with me because no one recognized her!! It was amazing. But now, as I’ve grown up, moved away and gotten married, Halloween has now started to shift into a holiday that I have to create on my own. So this year, for the first time ever, I will be sewing my own costume. Well, part of my costume! A full tutorial will follow in the next few weeks! So, now let’s move on to some pictures of me dressed up for Halloween in costumes that my loving mom made for me! 

I Dream of Genie!


Ghost Bride!

Oh hey Morgan!! I saw this beauty get married two weekends ago!!


Esmeralda and Hunchback! See, I told you! You can’t even tell!

Esmeralda again. It was a great costume!

And last but not least, baby chicken me and my army mother.

I have lots more amazing costumes she made that I could share, but those are my favorite. I am so thankful for a super fun mom who taught me to love dressing up and to love being silly! I hope that one day I can do that for my children! Love you momma! ❤ Also, here’s a picture below just to show that we are both normal looking people… just in case you were worried.

Alright everyone! That’s it for tonight, but tomorrow starts our first costume friday!! And I’ll give you a hint… I see a circus in your future!

Have a great Thursday and happy October!!!


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