Little Red Riding Hood Werewolf Hunter: Part 2

Hey everybody!! I am finally finishing up this tutorial and just in time for Halloween!! Tomorrow I will post pictures from our Halloween party last Friday, because everyone’s costumes were so adorable! But for today I have the tutorial for the wolf vest and a makeup tutorial for Little Red! Let’s get started on the vest! When I went to JoAnn’s I looked in the fabric section for fur that I felt most resembled werewolf fur. I was lucky enough to get the fur for 50% off! So the vest cost me $7! I got a yard and a half of fabric.

First thing I did was lay the fabric out length-wise. I took the fabric and centered it around my shoulders. I decided that I really didn’t want to have to sew the vest, so I took a pen and made marks on the inside of the fabric where my arms would come through. Once I marked the spot on each side, I cut a 10ish inch line down the fabric to fit my arms though. Then I tried it on!

Now onto the makeup! I started by applying a smoky eye. I wanted something harsh and heavy feeling. For a full tutorial on a smoky eye you can check out the link here.

Next thing after your makeup is applied, we will do the scratches! There are 2 products you need for this tutorial: Rigid Collodion and Bloody Scab. Both products you can find in the makeup and prosthetics section at your local Halloween store! And they are like $5 for both!

Rigid collodion is the first thing you are going to apply. This stuff is so cool.  It’s perfect for making fake scars because it sucks your skin in and makes actual indentations in your face. BEFORE YOU APPLY it’s important for you to know that it’s going to sting a little and it has a very strong smell.  Your face is literally going to feel like it’s stuck. But don’t worry after it dries you can move around and that stuff isn’t going anywhere!

So what you do is paint it on your face like you would paint your nails. I did 4 long lines down my face to look like claw marks.  The key to using the rigid collodion properly is to wait for it to dry then add more layers on top of the previously dried section. After 2 or 3 layers your face should really look sunken in. Next I took a purple-rose color eyeshadow and put some color around the scar to make it look bruised.

Next, take a paintbrush and your bloody scab gel and start putting that in the creases over the rigid collodion. I like to bunch it up in some places and thin it out in others.

Once that’s all done  apply your lipstick and your makeup is complete!

After that put your costume on and bask in the glory!!

I wore a belt from Fossil with some hunting knives looped in. My boots are from Fossil as well, and I love them. So much.

I wore all black underneath just to keep things simple, because I have a lot going on with the vest, cape and scars.

Well this is it for Fashion Friday Halloween edition! I hope you all had as much fun as I did! I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween tomorrow!!

❤ Little Red Riding Hood

5 More Pop Culture Costumes with Julia!

Hey everyone, and happy Fashion Friday!! I know I said I was going to post this on the 30th, but I’ve got a million and one things going on this weekend, so I’m posting the rest of these adorable costume ideas from Julia today! Stay tuned next week for the second half of the 2 part series on Little Red Riding Hood! Now, I’m handing it over to Julia with her costume ideas coming straight from your closet!!

1. Jessica “Jess” Day — “New Girl”

     Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! Jess from “New Girl” is adorkable and perfect for a last minute costume. You need a colorful dress and some shoes in a contrasting color. If you don’t have bangs like me, create some faux ones using an online tutorial. Top off the look with some big glasses, and make sure your eyes look BIG!
    Optional: Sing alllllll night long
2. Hermione Granger — Harry Potter
    Harry Potter is ALWAYS relevant. This costume is recognizable and easily assembled. You need a white oxford shirt, black shoes, black or gray skirt, and either a sweater or a sweater vest. Tease your hair all over to make it big and frizzy. If you don’t have a wand lying around your house, venture outside (ugh) and find a stick.
    Optional: Make a Gryffindor pin from red cardstock and a print-out hot glued to a safety pin
    Bonus points if: You wear a red and gold striped tie
3. Violet Baudelaire — The Series of Unfortunate Events
    The Series is coming back in a big way – as a Netflix original series. Beat the onslaught of Violet costumes that are right around 2016’s corner and show that you are one with the times. I LOVE this costume because the only thing you HAVE to have is a bow in your hair. I am wearing a plain gray dress and blue oxford shirt underneath, but any kind of outfit that includes a dress or skirt in muted color is perfection. I am carrying The Unauthorized Biography of Lemony Snicket just to make the costume more recognizable.
    Optional: Find someone to play Olaf or Klaus!
4. Holly Golightly — “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
    Who doesn’t want to be Audrey Hepburn? Don’t lie to yourself. This Holly costume strays from your typical tiara-and-pearls nonsense. You only need one item! A trench coat. Use a lot of hairspray to bump up the front part of your hair and curl two cute pigtails! Retro makeup is a must!
    Optional: A ginger cat named Cat. (My cat is named Audrey. She’s neurotic.)
5. Luke Danes — “Gilmore Girls”
    “Gilmore Girls” is my all time favorite show. I’ve been in love with Luke Danes since I was very, very young. You need a plaid shirt, jeans, and a backwards baseball cap. Carry a coffee cup or coffee pot and shoot everyone looks of disapproval because Halloween candy is VERY bad for you.

    Optional: Luke’s Diner merchandise.

Thanks so much again to Julia for putting together these awesome costumes!! She’s the coolest, am I right?! Hope y’all have an AMAZING Friday!!
❤ Abbie and Julia

Fashion Friday: Little Red Riding Hood, Werewolf Huntress

Hey everyone and happy fashion Friday! Today will be part one of two posts on this costume! I will show you in this post how to make a floor-length red riding hood cape! Next week there will be a tutorial on how to make a werewolf vest, and how to do makeup and hair!

We will start with the cape. First thing you need is 2 and 1/2 yards of red fabric. I used this fabric called peach skin fabric. It has a beautiful color and the fabric literally feels like the skin of a peach… who’da thought that? The other cool thing about the fabric is that it was made really wide, so much so that I just took 2 yards and sewed it length-wise. I’ll explain more on that later. I also bought a hook for the clasp of my cape.

I cut 10 x 36 inches off the length of my cape for my hood.  I cut off whatever weird amount of fabric that was left on the end. With the weird fabric left, I had just enough to make a strip that fit around my neck with some room to spare. Take that strip and set it aside. Next, take the 10 x 36 in fabric and fold it in half. I then sewed one long side of the fabric. At this point there should be a folded in half side and a sewed side. In the photo below I drew what your hood should look like. The squiggle will be the folded part and the dotted line should be where you sewed.

After you have sewn all of that, take that strip that is your neck circumference and take the hood and sew the hood onto the strip. Set that aside.

Next, you will make the cape part. Now I really wanted my cape to be flowy. I didn’t care so much how long it was, but because I am so short it worked out to be floor-length on me! I started on one side of the length and started to gather it in sections. Don’t laugh but I ran out of pins so I had to keep it gathered the best way I could…. so enter paper clips. I made sure that when it was all gathered it fit around my neck and had a little room to spare.

I attempted to sew the gathering together with my sewing machine, but at some points I had 5 layers of fabric folded, so it didn’t work. I’m actually thankful that it didn’t work because the way I hand-sewed it you don’t see any stitching on the outside. Next, take the neck strip and hood combo and hand sew the gathered cape onto the neck strip. That will probably take awhile. I double sewed all of the cape gatherings just to make sure that it is sturdy.

Next I took the clasps and sewed them onto the neck strap! After this your cape is done!!

Right now I’m just going to show you the back of the cape! Next week you will get the full thing!

Don’t you just love the billow on that!?! I really do. I hope this has been informative and I hope you all have a happy fashion Friday!

❤ Abbie

Fashion Friday: 5 Pop Culture Costumes with Julia!

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that today and the 30th we will be having a guest blogger!! My amazing sister-in-law Julia is taking over Wanderings and Beautiful Things! You’ve met Julia once before on another Fashion Friday but today and the 30th she is bringing you 10 easy costumes from Pop Culture! Take it away Jules!

Hi! My name is Julia LeFort, and I’m Abbie’s sister-in-law. I’m a geeky, fandom-loving girl who always has her nose in a book. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I always have a lot of fun trying to come up with a good costume. Unfortunately, I tend to spend so much time coming up with different options that I run out of time to actually assemble my costume. So here are 5 pop culture related costumes that you should be able to whip up straight from your closet! On the 30th I will have 5 more!
1. Amelia “Amy” Pond — “Doctor Who”
    I love “Doctor Who” and I’ve (humble brag) met Matt Smith at a New Orleans ComicCon. Amy Pond is my spirit animal, and her outfits are easy to replicate. This one is from her most heartbreaking episode, “The Angels take Manhattan.” Wear dark jeans, a black-and-white striped top, brown oxford shoes (or flats,) and a khaki jacket. Part your hair straight down the middle and let it fall in soft waves. (Lucky you if your hair is as red as Karen Gillan’s.)
    Optional: Sporting a Scottish accent and small round glasses
2. Mary Poppins — Do I really need to type it twice?
    She’s practically perfect in every way. You can make the perfect costume with practically nothing. Black skirt, white oxford shirt, black tights and heels. Tie a red ribbon in a bow around your neck. Wrap your hair into a bun and wear makeup worthy of Julie Andrews.
    Optional: An umbrella!
    Bonus points if: You wear a black hat with flowers
3. Wednesday Addams — “The Addams Family”
    This was my Halloween costume last year. It is super simple and very fun. All you need is black clothing and a white collared shirt to wear underneath. Part your hair straight down the middle and braid both sides. Wear very dark makeup and do not smile. All. Night. Long.
    Optional: Cut the head off of an old doll
4. Castiel — “Supernatural”
    Misha gripped us tight and raised us from perdition. (P.S. – Met him too.) Everyone’s favorite “Supernatural” character is easy to emulate. Black pants, white shirt, trench coat, and a backwards blue tie. Wear little to no makeup and it’s okay if your hair is kind of a mess, because you just fell from Heaven. Speak in a pseudo deep voice and act confused at every reference.
    Optional: A knife sharpener looks surprisingly like an angel blade.
    Bonus points if: You wear black angel wings
5. Princess Leia — “Star Wars”
    Princess Leia is the best of the best. This costume isn’t an exact replica. Instead, I just wore white clothes and the dark lipstick. The hair is key. Everyone can recognize the Leia buns. Twist up sections of your hair and pin them to your head very carefully. (There are about a million and two bobby pins in my hair.) Hairspray A LOT. Be sassy. Because you are a princess.
It’s Abbie again! I don’t know about you but I am SO EXCITED to see what else Julia has for us on the 30th!!! Thank you Jules for helping out this month!!! Have a happy Fashion Friday everyone!

Wandering Wednesday: The Myrtles, St. Francisville, LA

Hey everyone and happy Wandering Wednesday! Today is the very first of our spooky locations to explore for October! We will be visiting the quaint town of St.Francisville, Louisiana! I absolutely love St.Francisville! And not only because I got married there! It’s quite, beautiful, and all around adorable. And did I mention that it has 8 plantation homes within a 20 mile radius?!?! Each plantation is unique, but one stands out from the rest…. The Myrtles Plantation. The Myrtles Plantation has been around since 1796. Yes, you read that correctly. 1796. And unfortunately the beautiful plantation has seen it’s share of heartache. It’s no wonder that the Myrtles has been deemed as one of America’s most haunted houses! So get ready for some spooky story-telling, because this one’s a doozy.

The house is said to have had at least 10 murders in it. This may or may not be accurate, but the house is definitely creepy! They offer ghost tours of the plantation and tell some of the supposed grizzly happenings. The ghost that most people have heard about relating to the Myrtles is of a slave named Chloe. Legend has it that one day she lost favor with the master of the house after she was caught listening in on a private conversation. As punishment her master cut off her ear. She was so distraught that she sought revenge. She supposedly poisoned a birthday cake of  the daughter of the house, and wished only to make them sick. But she put too much poison in the cake which killed all of the children and the master’s wife. Chloe was hanged for killing the wife and children. Chloe is said to haunt the grounds to this day. They even have an eerie picture that is said to be the ghost of Chloe.

Now in the story, the wife and two children have died. It is said that their handprints and faces can be seen occasionally in the mirror in the hallway. The owners have supposedly taken the mirror down several times to be cleaned but the handprints remain.

They also say that a judge was shot and killed on the porch. They often see a man dressed in 1800s attire standing looking out on the balcony.

As if all this weren’t scary enough, you can actually stay at the plantation! They will tell you stories of ghostly happenings that occur in the rooms. They’ve heard everything from civil war soldiers stealing your shoes to a dead voodoo priestess staring down at you from the ceiling.  Yeah. Good luck with that.

If you ever get the chance to visit the Myrtles I highly suggest it. If you’re not into spooky stuff they do historical tours and house tours during the day. The house is a beautiful historical landmark and should definitely be at the top your list of places to see in St.Francisville!

And if you take a ghost tour or even dare to stay the night, be careful you don’t get stuck with the ghosts!

Happy wandering!

❤ Abbie

Fashion Friday: Fortune Teller Costume!

Hello everyone and happy fashion Friday!!! So today marks our very first costume of the month!! And to be honest, this is a really simple costume made from items that you might have in your closet already! I love costumes like that, don’t you? So let’s get started with hair and makeup!

For your hair you’ll need thermal protectant (so you don’t fry those luscious locks!), hairspray,  and a .5 inch curling iron. For my thermal protectant I used an amazing product called Satinique Dual Defend. It protects against humidity and it’s also a thermal protectant. It smells really good unlike most thermal sprays, it’s all-natural, and it works really well! My husband and I actually sell this product so if you are interested in buying some just email me! ( For hairspray, I used Control Force by Aveda.

Now the curling iron is a .5 inch iron, which is tiny. I call it my afro maker. I had the honor of helping out doing hair for New Orleans fashion week and we got to use these irons! They make super tight curls, and if you tease the curls enough after it makes an afro! Needless to say, after NOLA fashion week I went and bought my own .5 inch curling iron and I absolutely love it! I will tell you it’s kind of difficult to curl the hair in the back of your head with this iron because it’s so tiny and you have to take small pieces of hair, but if you have a friend to help it should be pretty easy!

First spray your hair with your thermal protectant and run a brush through it a few times. It’s important to make sure your hair is covered, but you also don’t want to soak it. I suggest sectioning your hair in 4 sections and doing one squirt of thermal spray per section. After that, section off about an inch or 2 of hair at the back and bottom of your hairline. The general rule for curling hair is to take the  amount of hair that equals to the width of your iron. For example, my iron is .5 inches round, so I will take about .5 inches of a section of hair. You want to make sure that the pieces are small, because that’s what creates the bountiful fluffy curls! I also don’t use the prongs on the iron when curling. I just wrap my hair around the iron like you would wrap your hair around a wand. So start curling at the bottom and work your way up! Don’t forget to spray lightly as you go!

Unfortunately, because the iron is so small it does take longer than it would to normally curl your hair. For me, it took about an hour and a half to curl my entire head. However, I also didn’t have help on the back so that took a bit.

Once your done curling your hair will have bouncy tiny curls! I wanted my hair to look a bit crazy and fluffier, so I took my fingers and ran them through my curls. That loosened it up a bit, but it still wasn’t enough for me. Next, I took my flat brush and just stuck it near the bottom of the curls and lightly brushed upwards. That started to really fluff it up!

Next, we move onto makeup! I put on my normal makeup base (foundation and powder).

Then I put on my eye base, Painterly by Mac. Next I used my Elf eyeshadow case and used dark purple all over my eyes. I also used black in the outer corners and under my eyes! I was going for a smokey eye look.

Next I took my Elf  black liquid eyeliner and made cat eyes.

Then mascara!

For lipstick I was wanting something dark, matte, and different. So I actually used Aveda Eye Definer (which, fun fact, can also be used as lip liner) in a green color called “Juniper.”

Hair and makeup done!

It’s time to put your outfit together! First, I put on a red turtleneck dress I bought from Forever21. I wanted a high collar so I could focus on wearing a lot of jewelry without having a problem with a neckline. Next, I put on a black maxi skirt from Forever21 over my dress.  Then I took an off-white lace scarf from American Eagle and tied it around my waist to make a droopy effect over my hip. Finally I put on a blanket scarf as a shawl. I wanted a really droopy and flowy effect.

I put on an adorable turban that I bought from Francesca’s. If you don’t have a turban, you can always tie a scarf around your head! Now put on a ton of jewelry! Seriously! Pile it on! I have 2 sets of bangle bracelets that I put on! I put 3 over-sized rings on. I put on a long chain necklace and a short statement necklace. Add some big earrings and your fortune teller costume is complete!!

Here’s the final product!

Admittedly I did re-decorate my dining room for these shots, but I am not ashamed! It’s fun to go all out!

Spooky right!?

Here’s a few close-ups of my jewelry choices!

I hope this has been helpful and maybe some fun inspiration for Halloween coming up!!

I see a good Saturday in your future!

❤ Abbie The Fortune Teller