DIY Dresser Makeover

Hello everyone! I hope this Monday has been a good day for you and maybe not so dreadful as most Mondays can be! This week starts the madness that is September, so I am taking advantage of the downtime I have. Don’t get me wrong, this month is going to be EPIC.   My sweet husband and I are honored to be photographing two of our good friends’ weddings! So this weekend we will be in lovely Virginia, then two weekends from now we will be in Seacrest Beach, FL! My birthday is also this month! WHOOP! Needless to say this month is going to be crazy, so I’m taking advantage of my days off. Today was one of those days. I woke up at 8 am, wide awake (this never  happens, I’m not a morning person) so I decided to make use of my morning. Before we moved to Florida I painted one of our two wood dressers, because it just didn’t match with the decor we have in our room. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to paint the second dresser (because I did the first like 3 days before we were moving….don’t do that, trust me) and it has been haunting me since November. Today I woke up, fully motivated to paint that dresser, so that’s what I did! Now I have a lovely tutorial on how to take your drab wood dresser and turn it into a fabulous addition to your home!

What You’ll Need:

Websters Chalk Paint – Your favorite color latex paint (any brand/color/finish) -Paint brush – Drop Cloth – Paint Pan- Piece of Furniture that needs some love – Miss Mustard Seeds Furniture Wax – Cotton Cloth- Spray Paint

Ok, so I’m going to go on a little spiel (yes, I had to spell check that, haha) here and talk about why I chose the particular brand of chalk paint and wax. Websters Chalk Paint is the Yeah, it’s that amazing. It comes in a cute little bag, with a ziplock of powdered chalk paint inside. All you have to do is take 2 tbs of chalk paint powder and 1 tbs of water, mix that together then put that into a cup of whatever type of latex paint you choose. It can be any finish, any brand, and any color of paint. You have no limitations other than that it needs to be latex. It dries in like 30-45 minutes, it gives great coverage, and it’s super durable paint! Talk about easy!

Now for the wax. I chose Miss Mustard Seeds Furniture Wax because it smells good because it’s made with beeswax and is able to be used indoors. It also has great coverage. I wanted clear wax, because I really love the color of grey that I chose for the dresser.  Alright, let’s get started.

Above is the picture of the dresser. Blah, right? Let’s get painting! If you’re like me you’ll need something to watch/listen to while you work. So I turned on “The Addams Family” and got to work. I started with the dresser drawers first. I took off all of the hardware on the drawers. I plan to paint those later. I painted the outside of the drawers and the sides, so when you pull the drawer out you don’t see the old wood. Now, I didn’t paint the inside of  the drawers because I eventually want to cover the insides with fun patterned paper.

After I painted the drawers, I set them up to dry in the bathroom. The cool thing about the paint is that it doesn’t take to long to dry and it’s not super smelly like regular paint is, so you don’t even need to have ventilation while painting.

I moved the big dresser out into the living room because there is more space to paint than in our bedroom. Next, I painted the main part of the dresser. I did 2 coats on the dresser just so it would really be durable and look solid. After I let the dresser dry for about 45 minutes.

Next, I took the dresser hardware and took it outside onto the lanai to paint.

I first sprayed the hardware with Nickel colored spray paint. That dries super fast.

So five minutes later I went back outside and took black paint and roughly brushed a light layer of black paint over the nickel color. I also took  a paper towel and dabbed the paint. I was going for a tarnished nickel look.

While those were drying I went back inside and started to wax the drawers. I took a clean white t-shirt (You need to use something cotton and I had a spare shirt laying around) and scooped a little bit of the wax, then started to rub it into the painted wood drawers. If you notice while you are rubbing in the wax you can start to see a difference between where you put the wax and where is left to wax. You don’t need a ton of wax, a little goes a long way.  After I waxed the drawers, I did the dresser. That needs to soak in for about 10 minutes. I let everything sit for about 30 minutes just to be sure, and I started cleaning while that was soaking in.

When everything was nice and dry I took the painted hardware and placed it back into the dresser.

I put the drawers back into their place and we are done! This process is really so easy and I feel the dresser looks 1,000 times better!

 Hope this has been instructional and y’all can take your furniture from drab to fab!

❤ Abbie


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  1. It looks great! I love that rusic but clean white. ❤


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