1950s Hair and Makeup Tutorial!

Hey everyone!! Today I’m a little nervous/excited to do my first hair and makeup tutorial! I’m very comfortable doing hair (having gone to cosmetology school and all) but makeup is just something I can honestly say I’m not very good at. So, hopefully this tutorial makes sense and is helpful! So for today’s look we are going for a 1950s flare! So cat eyes and pretty curls are on the agenda! Let’s get started!

That’s me. Nothing done to my hair (yes, that is my natural curl. I plan to do another post on the effects of heat to hair and curl pattern, so stay tuned.). The only makeup I have on is some mascara.

First, we will start on the hair. I do this first because when I do pin curls they need time to set and cool. Section a triangle in the front of your hair, starting about two inches back from the front hairline. This will mostly be your bangs, if you have any. I section this part out because bangs are hard to manage sometimes and I find it easier to do them by themselves. This is also how you part for a 1950s suicide roll. Once you’ve sectioned that out, pin it up. We will do this section near the end.

Next, section out the front side of either side of your head. So take about two inches back from your hairline from the top of your head to the front of your ear.

Next, curl each of those sections back (I split each side into two sections) and take the curl and roll it then pin it. Do this on both sides.

Once all of the sides are finished then you can curl the front. I chose to curl the front forward instead of backwards. I find if you curl it forward it sits better. After you’ve curled pin in place.

Now that the front is completely done you can start on the back, which is really hard, I’m not even going to lie. I burned myself like 3 times trying to do the back. So I tend not to curl the back as many times as I do in the front. I take the sides and curl them back and pin.

The back part of my head I split into four sections. I take each section and curl it under, then pin. This gives volume and still adds a pretty curl at the end.

Once all that is done spray it with your favorite hairspray. I use Control Force by Aveda. That hairspray not only smells good, but it also keeps your hair in place. For example one time I put my hair into a curly mohawk and sprayed it with Control Force. I took the pins out later that night and my hair still stayed in a mohawk because of the spray. That stuff is seriously amazing. I suggest not using too much while you still have the pins in, it makes it harder to take out. I suggest a light dusting of hairspray!

Now onto the makeup. These are some of the products I use.  If you can’t tell, I am a Mac girl. I love their products! Also, for someone who isn’t so good at makeup I love going there because they can show you how to apply your makeup and give you great tips! I also use the products on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Elf cosmetics. Not only are they super cheap, but I find they work extremely well. I swear by their liquid eyeliner. It stays on for ages and it goes on so nicely.

First, I use my highlighter pen and highlight under my eyes, between my eyebrows, down my nose, and on my chin. Rub that in.

Next, I use my liquid foundation. I use L’Oreal True Match Lumi. This foundation is fantastic! It’s not too heavy, but has great coverage. It also has SPF 20 in it to protect from the sun! Put that on and rub it in.

Once that is done I do a light powder all over.

Next I put some blush on the apples of my cheeks. I do a little more than usual because I’m trying to up that 1950s factor. I use Mac “Warm Soul” blush. It’s a little bit of a pink bronze. I really love it. I also do my eyebrows at this time. I take a little bit of dark brown eyeshadow and color in my eyebrows.

Next I use my Mac Paint Pot and the color is called “Painterly”. I have to rave about this Paint Pot. It keeps eye makeup on forever. No joke, this stuff is amazing. Next, is the cat eye. I actually start at the end of the cat eye first. That way I find my definite point and curve. Once I do that I apply the middle. I usually go back over the end point and make sure it’s colored in and very dark.

After that I apply my mascara. I use Maybelline Colossal Volume Express. It’s waterproof and stays on very well.

Finally we apply lip color! I love my Aveda “Redwood” lipstick. It’s a fantastic shade of red and it stays on forever!

After your makeup is done it’s time to finish your hair! Start taking out the pin curls. By this time you should have beautiful bouncy curls.

Run your fingers through the curls first. Sometimes that breaks the curls up enough, and it looks great.

If that’s not enough, or you are really wanting that smooth curl of the 40s and 50s, brush it with a paddle brush. You would think that this would take out the curl, but it really just smooths it and makes it look more luscious.

Well ladies, this is it! Hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial and have a great Saturday!



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  1. You are gorgeous abbie love the post today❤

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  2. This is beautiful!! Great tutorial 🙂


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