Fashion Friday

Hello everyone! I’m currently in beautiful North Carolina on vacation! I have to say that North Carolina might just be my favorite state I’ve ever been to. There are mountains, lakes, woods, and all other things that are wonderful in this world. I think I might just live here forever! Well… maybe not… but a girl can dream right? Needless to say you are going to see some fun places in North Carolina for some upcoming Wandering Wednesdays!  However today is Fashion Friday and we are going old school with an updated 1950s outfit!

This outfit has been a long time coming for me. I bought the skirt almost 6 years ago at Anthropologie. It was actually a dress when I bought it originally. It had a detachable top and there were a few buttons missing that kept the top on. So I threw the top out and decided to just leave it as a high-waisted skirt. No 1950s outfit is complete without oxfords! They are some of my favorite shoes and it shows. But hey, the wear gives them that vintage look!

love  a good chambray top! They are so versatile! My chambray shirt is from PacSun. I put a dusty rose colored undershirt on then tied the chambray shirt over top! I love the rose and green colors together.

 I just love vintage style! It really is my favorite and it’s quite easy to replicate! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

❤ Abbie

6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Love your outfit! My daughter also loves vintage & retro. The photos look great with the backgrounds you chose! There are some really beautiful places in No.Carolina, especially in the mountains.


  2. Hey Abbie you most likely have no idea who I am, but that’s okay:) Even though I just got started on here, I found your newly started blog too I already love it sooo much. I’m pretty excited to keep reading it’s really great! Sooo I decided to nominate you for the Liebster Award. You’ll need to check out the details here: You can accept the nomination or not it’s fine whatever you choose. It’s totally up to you! Keep up the amazing blogging though! xoxo


  3. Adore this look on you! Those shoes are fab, I don’t blame you for wearing them so often. NC’s probably my favourite state too, and I’m lucky to have family there so I have an excuse to visit :3
    Great post! Xx


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