DIY Travel Journal!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! This is my first DIY craft post and I’m super excited!! Today we will be making a travel journal. As a kid I used to make scrapbooks. They are a great way to be creative and to preserve memories! But they are also pretty expensive to make. This travel journal is like a scrapbook, but it’s way less expensive and portable! Let’s get started, shall we? I got all of my supplies at Michael’s. I don’t usually go to Michael’s  because it can be expensive (I’m a Hobby Lobby gal), but the closest Hobby Lobby is 40 min away and Michael’s is on my way home from work. So here is your list of supplies:

1 Dylusion Creative Journal  – 4 Sheets of Scrapbook Paper – Xacto Knife – Mod Podge Matte kind – Letter Stickers – 1 piece of Cardstock paper – Paint (optional) – Fine Tip Paintbrush

I chose the Dylusion creative journal because the cover and main material is made out of chipboard. I like chipboard because you can do almost anything with it! It’s very customizable. It’s heavy duty so it can get tossed around without getting torn apart. It’s small enough that it can fit in a purse or a backpack without taking up a lot of space. I also chose the journal because there was a notebook on the inside with heavy cardstock paper that is perfect for writing or sketching. There is also a manilla folder attached to the inside cover which is perfect for holding museum tickets, train passes, or any other important keepsakes! It really is the perfect little journal!

Your first step is to measure the cover of the journal and cut your paper accordingly with the Xacto knife. Do the same for the back of the journal and the notebook on the inside. Next you should spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the cover and attach the scrapbook paper. After the paper is attached to the cover and dry you can take the Xacto knife and cut off any frayed edges.

Attach the rest of the scrapbook paper to covers. After I completed that I decided to paint the chipboard that wasn’t covered with paper because the color didn’t seem to match well. I painted it with gold acrylic paint.

I also painted the part of the folder that wasn’t covered in paper and the band that keeps the journal shut. Next thing was to get rid of that ugly red binding that was clashing with the gold. I painted the red fabric binding with navy acrylic paint. It took about 3 coats until I couldn’t see any red.

Next I made 2 little cardstock tags. The cardstock was a tan color, so I painted it navy blue to match with the theme. I then took a very small paint brush and painted a very thin gold line around the edges of the tags to give it a little decoration.

Then I took the gold sticker letters and put them on the tags. On the tag for the main cover I put “Travel” and on the inside notebook cover I put “Write.” I took the tags and attached them to the covers with Mod Podge.

Last step is to sit back and bask in your creative genius! That’s it! You’ve made a beautiful and useful travel journal!! I hope that it serves you well on all of your adventures!


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