Fashion Friday: Julia

Hello everyone! I’m finally back! I had a lovely vacation visiting family this past week! We drove all the way from Tampa to Shreveport, La, then to Hot Springs, Ar! It was so wonderful to get to visit with family and to travel! On Friday we were in Hot Springs on the lake and we had no wifi! So I apologize for not having my fashion Friday up! However, I figure it’s better late than never! Happy Fashion Friday on Monday! Haha! I figured since I would be seeing family this would be the perfect occasion to have our first guest model! I’m pleased to introduce my beautiful sister-in-law Julia!

Isn’t she adorable!?! Julia is wearing a crop sweater with high-waisted jeans!

Her sweater is from Anthropologie. She got it on sale for $15!! That is a steal especially for Anthro! I just love the color too! I can’t wait to start wearing more of those fall colors!

Her high-waisted jeans are from Forever21. I love that high-waisted items are coming back in fashion! High-waisted items are a sure way to keep you still modest while still keeping up with the trends, especially with the return of crop tops!

Not only is Julia super fashionable, but she is also knowledgeable about all things geek! Julia is an avid reader. She is also a lover Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, and Dr. Who!  She has a video blog called “Oh My Word Julia” where she discusses everything from Star Wars to Jane Austen! You should definitely check it out! It’s both smart and funny! She will be coming out with more videos this fall!

Thanks again Julia for being my model this week! Below is the link to Julia’s video page! Make sure to subscribe!! And thank all of you for reading! Have a happy Monday!



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  1. Awesome post! Love that outfit! Can you check out my blog and follow it if you like it? Thanks, and I look forward to reading your post! 🙂


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