The Little Cilantro Plant That Never Saw Me Coming

The other day I was at the grocery store collecting items to make pork carnitas. I walked into the produce section to get some cilantro, and alas they were out! Needless to say I was super bummed. I started to leave the section when I noticed a cute little cilantro plant for sale! It was also $1 cheaper than buying a bundle of cilantro! And you know the old saying, if you teach a man to fish you feed him forever. Same with plants, right? I thought it was a deal, so I bought it! Once I got home I read the directions very carefully on how to take care of it. It said it needed a lot of sun and watered daily. So I took my little plant and put it out on the lanai (that’s what you call a porch in Florida. Hah!). I watered that little plant and left it to enjoy the sun. The next day I went to work, then came home and watered it again. It was kind of looking a little droopy, so I gave it a little more water than I normally would have. By day 3 my lovely little cilantro plant was dead. I was left heartbroken…. well, not really heartbroken, but definitely disappointed.

Do you have something that you’re just not very good at? Mine is gardening, obviously.  My poor cilantro plant never knew what was coming! And embarrassingly enough it wasn’t even the first plant I’ve killed. No matter how hard I try I simply cannot keep plants alive. I come from a long line of gardeners, so it’s crazy to me that I’m not good at it! Oh well, such is life right?

It’s funny how something as small and insignificant as a cilantro plant can get you thinking, isn’t it? There will always be those things you’re not good at. There will always be those times when you feel disappointed.  The real moment of truth is how you decide to handle those disappointments! For me, I could completely swear off gardening and vow to never buy another plant in my life or I could read more about cilantro plants and find out where I went wrong! It’s the give up or fight on dilema! To the plants dismay, I will chose to fight on! I will also encourage you to not give up! Take that thing you’re not good at and turn it into something you are good at! Today I encourage you to fight on!

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and never give up” -Luke 18:1


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