Apartment Tour: My side of the story

I see a lot of bloggers post pictures of their houses/apartments so their readers can see a little bit about their lives and the things they love! I really love this idea. So today, I’m giving you a little sneak peak of my side of our bedroom! I have a lot of little trinkets that have special meanings to me and I thought maybe you would be interested in getting to know me a little better! First things first, the hat wall I have talked so much about.

Now, not all of these hats are mine, but the majority of them are. I told you I have an addiction!

This wall was super easy to make! All I did was take command hooks and stick them to the wall in a scattered manner then put the hats on the hooks! Super easy and makes for a great accent wall!

The next thing I have on my side is my dresser. This is where I keep my perfumes. I use “Fiori” by Vince Camuto for special occasions. It’s a light floral smell and I love it. I use “Live” by American Eagle for everyday. It’s a bit heavy, but I find that heavier perfumes last on my clothes longer.

Next to the perfume is one of the beautiful wedding gifts my sweet husband gave me! It’s a beautiful antique manicuring set! He knows me so well!

The little wooden box is a music box my dad made for me. He bought the cylinder player online years ago, and one day he showed it to me. I freaked out because it plays “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera (One of my favorite musicals). One day I got a box in the mail, and he made me a music box! How cool is that!

Next we have my little Dracula! My mom went on a mission trip years ago to Romania. She got to tour Dracula’s castle. She brought me this little Dracula as a souvenier! I love it! Also, Dracula  by Bram Stoker is a phenomenal book! A definite must-read!

I have my little umbrella bowl with my rings and a little plate with my earrings. The pin is what I wore in my hair on my wedding day. It has a moon button on it. I got it specially made at this seriously adorable little shop called Grandmother’s Buttons in St. Francisville, LA. You will hear much more about that shop when I show St. Francisville on a wandering Wednesday!

There are two pictures on my dresser. The first is of my wonderful Grandma Theresa as a teenager. It’s one of my favorites! The second is a picture of my mom and I fourteen years ago. We were on a camping trip at my grandparents old farm. Lots of memories were had there including stepping in a cow plop, being chased in a field by bees, and pulling an onion out of the ground then eating it like an apple. It was a very eventful trip! Ha!

Next is another gift from my sweet husband, my Cannon. One day I came home from work to find that he bought me a film camera (something that I had wanted for a  really long time)! Needless to say I love using it and you will see some pictures from it eventually I’m sure!

Then comes one of my coolest finds at an antique store! It is a little book that belonged to someone named Anna Dunham back in 1881. It is filled with notes written to Anna throughout her life. It contains some of the most beautiful cursive I have ever seen! The things written are both beautiful and poetic. It reminds me to be kind daily.

Next we have my favorite stuffed animal. His name is Pookie. He was given to me by Jackson on Valentine’s Day back when we were like 13. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but my husband and I are childhood sweethearts! We met when we were seven and have been best friends ever since! I feel very blessed to be his friend and even more to be the one he loves!

Sitting beneath Pookie is another one of my favorite antique finds! It’s just a metal tin, but I love  the colors and decoration!

Finally is my Phrenology head! His name is Freddie. I bought Freddie at an antique and oddities store in New Orleans! I love it! He makes a fantastic hat holder and decorative piece!

Well that’s it for today’s apartment tour! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and some of the things I love! I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite notes written in my little antique book.

The long are not the happiest hours;

The large are not the sweetest flowers;

Much talk doth not much friendship tell,

Few words are best – I wish you well.


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