Fourth of July Pie!

Hey everyone and happy almost fourth of July! This is always a fun time of year for us Americans. We enjoy celebrating our independence by spending time with friends and family, shooting fireworks, and eating amazing American dishes! So today I’m giving you the recipe for something that is the epitome of America, a good old-fashioned pie! I love  a good pie. It’s my absolute favorite dessert! We even had pies at our wedding instead of cake! So yeah, pies are awesome! Let’s get started with our Fourth of July American Pie!

Now you can make pie crusts yourself, or if you are in a hurry you can use pre-made pie crusts! I chose the latter. I grabbed my glass pie pan and sprayed it with non-stick baking spray. I unrolled my pie crust dough and put it in the pie pan. I tried to pinch the dough together so it will have a cute frilly crust! Next I got aluminum foil and folded it in half. I put the aluminum foil down in the pie pan a little to the left of center.

On the left side of the aluminum foil I put blueberry pie filling. Then on the right side I put cherry pie filling.

Once I had filled both sides to the fullest I pulled the aluminum foil from the middle.

Next I rolled out the second pie crust in the box onto a cutting board. I cut 3 long lines out of the dough. Those will make the stripes! I didn’t have star-shaped cut-outs, so I cut out two different sized stars out of paper, then used those as stencils while cutting the dough.

Next I placed the dough stars over the blueberry side, and the dough stripes over the cherry side! I pinched together the stars or stripes where they touched the outer crust. I then brushed egg white on the stars, stripes, and crust to help them cook more evenly.

I put the pie into the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 14 minutes.

Once the crust has become golden brown, take that adorable pie out of the oven!! Isn’t it just the cutest?!?

I guarantee that your pie will be a hit at the cook-out! I hope you have an amazing fourth of July enjoying family, fireworks, and fantastic food!


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